What did you call your genitals as a kid (and what do you call them now)?

Inspired by a twitter thread.

I can't actually remember but I remember thinking vagina was said with a hard g for a bit because I learned about it in the traditional Presbyterian way of being taken to the library.

Ps now I just call them by the actual names

I find it weird how shifty folk are about vaginas it's just a bit like an elbow

Actually sometimes I say pussy but I completely hate it it's gross

I called mine a vagina as a kid.


I now call it a penis.


It has been a long road.

My son was convinced that his sister's equipment was called a "Gavina" when he was a youngster.  I've always thought that had a good sound to it.

Someone on the twitter thread proposed "Geneva", I assume for similar reasons

Perhaps a chick punk band from the late 70s: Gavina and the Engorged Horns

My wife has a fanny

My daughters have a "khom pom peet" (local, kid-friendly word for fanny)

Me: willy then, cock now.

When I was very young, I called the old chap Mr Patterson.  As I grew up we became better acquainted and I was allowed to use his first name, Quincy.  

My testicles' names are Chas and Dave.

Widgy and nuts

cock and balls now. 

I agree “pussy” is the least erotic word in the world. 

This reminds me of the Viz top tip - make everyone think you’re a doctor by using the words “penis” and “vagina” in everyday conversation and not laughing about it. 

For reasons unknown by anyone but her, my friend Diane calls her's "Olly".  Which works for me clive cos I have never met an Olly who wasn't an absolute cvnt.

Raises another interesting question from my perspective.  One of tits. There's a m6 of 'zzette* who calls hers norks her "Lils". I have absolutely no idea what that is derived from and any insight much appreciated.

*Said m6 of 'zzette has surgically enhanced Lils, has undergone a nose job and had various other procedures.  She basically looks like a Barbie doll.  She had a child recently and we suspect it would have emerged from her (doubtless also tweaked) woo-woo in a plastic blister pack  

My m7 "knew" a girl whose sister paid for her boobular enlargement as a 21st birthday pressies.

There's a dog with two dicks joke I am very maturely not making

my younger child misunderstood penis and thought it was peanuts - which he now thinks is the proper name for testicles.  

When he reads his first Schultz comic strip he is going to be WAY confused