What is the best teapot?

For this quintessential British day, where we talk about gilets, brollies, boarding etc, let's talk teapots.

What is the best teapot for loose leaf tea? I currently have a glass Bodum Assam tea pot which does not stay warm very long. Or should I just pull out the sewing machine and try to make a tea cosy out of an old duvet or something?

Insulate Britain's teapots. With all the focus on loft linsulation and double glazing how much tea heat is wasted each year? 


The classic English for me. Basically a stoneware sphere with spout (which invariably drips) and a handle on the back. Lid has a lip to stop it falling out when pouring and semi-circle rim inside to ensure it is inserted the right way round.

It is essential to scald the pot thoroughly to ensure a proper piping hot brew.

Need a cuppa now.

I have never understood why people like teapots -the second cup is always stewed with that unappealing sun lizard orange colour.  Give me a tea bag any day.

I have a bredermeijer dual-wall stainless steel number. It cost a fooking fortune but it won't break and, with a cosy, keeps tea hot for up to 90 mins. As a bonus the spout is excellent. 

This replaced a Chasseur teapot that was too small and dripped terribly from the spout on pouring. 

That 90 minute brew must be full of flavour. 

TBH, it's pretty much how the tea tasted at school and it's how I grew to like it. I'm not refined in that respect. Not at all. 

just use a stainless steel double wall cafatiere as per Alan

I have a double wall kettle which keeps the water brewable for about 2.5 hours