What are your current Netflix/Prime/Other streaming service obsessions?

Need ideas for when I finish what I am currently on....


Mr Mercedes


looking forward to Sex Education and new series of Star Trek Discovery

I have watched Outlander up to the wedding episode. Oh my god that was a sexy piece of television....*fans self*


Need to finish Narcos Mexico.

Murder Mountain is worth a look if you like real life crime documentaries.

ooh yes that's a fave

S2 and S3 a bit patchy but 4 has been excellent so far

I haven't got much beyond that wedding episode. Might have to pick it up again. Think I need a gadget to fling it onto the TV rather than hunkering down with my iPad...


I’ve just started Taboo - I’m not a massive Tom Hardy fan but it’s pretty good. 

After dr Pimple Popper for blackheads and other assorted gak, I go to dr Nail Nipper who works on the grossest feet and then on to Dr Zhao who cleans the gunkiest ears you've ever seen.

Tricky - I LOVE Dr Pimple Popper on YouTube. OMG. It's so gross but so addictive.

Betty - I don't get all the fuss about Tom Hardy. I think he's pretty average. Matthew Goode on the other hand is an actor that makes me totally swoon.

Have you seen Vikings? I really enjoyed that, esp the first few seasons. 

I'm a complete YouTube addict. I watch some cooking (binging with babish), some Japanese craftsmen or Chinese Jade carvers, a spot of antiques hunting with Drew Pritchard, then maybe a bit of gawking at industrial machines that do amazing things, some make up with Nikkie or James or Patrick, some hilarious and nonsensical Hautelamode reviews (girllll he knows how to bring it tho), a few Kyle Hanagami clips for hot dancers and catchy tunes, a bit of educational Joe Rogan, a bit of Ellen for the cringe, perhaps some rock hounding with the Crystal Collector, at least one landslide/mudslide/iceberg flipping/glacier calving aaaand... my evening is gone.

You can so easily fall down that rabbit hole...I haven't had a good YouTube binge for months.

I get really into certain TV shows and then have to watch them constantly until I am done which is pretty standard millennial stuff. Currently obsessing over an Israeli TV show about a Haredi family.

What Tricky said - I am a new convert to youtube- on a new year kick and find documentaries about super obese and super drunk people quite motivational

I never heard of any shows trickywoo mentioned above


??? am I living on mars?