What are you wearing?

A long served rof tradition with a deviant take now most of us are at home.

Me: White fitted shirt, blue striped cuff links, blue Levi silver tabs, MY NEW SLIPPERS, CK shreddies but in a deviation from norm these are black with blue trim rather than black with white trim.  I like to mix it up from time to time.


You’re new or something?  There is a rule about this kind of thread.  Please adhere to that rule.

A versatile, full-leather, completely restrictive suit with a removable leather mask.

Again, new.  Stop it, you’re destroying rof heritage.  Have you no respect for tradition?

I find your fitted shirt and cuff links get up equally as ridiculous as my gimp suit tbh, maybe worse. We are in lockdown.

Also, new so how the fook are we supposed to know what the tradition is?

Hello... McFly?

I actually went out today to the shops, so I dressed normally rather than loafed around in my stormtrooper pyjamas with Sith Lord dressing gown for a change.

And like, to find a non fitted shirt I’d have to look for one.  And I don’t own any shirts that don’t require cuff links.  But other than that, gj!

Lol at wearing a shirt for lockdown shopping. Puma trackies and a mid 2000s Barnsley shirt for me

The same clothes I've been wearing for the past three days. 

Clean pants, tho. 

By clean, I assume you mean “turned inside out to get an extra couple of days”.

And socks thrown at wall, ones which fall first being the least smeggy.

Lycra. Just about to start my bike session for the day. Nice and toight.

1 blue and white striped socks with a red toe and heel and decorated with crown wearing corgis from Accessorize

2. blue Jack Wills pyjama leggings decorated with a white anchor motif.

3. black vest top from Nicaragua with a pocket made from a floral material and the slogan Get Up, Stand Up, Surf Nicaragua.

4. mini white gold hoop earrings decorated with tiny diamonds

5. silver scrunchie.

Some jeans

A t-shirt

Ugg slippers


A fleece gilet

Big hair


Grey Hard Rock Cafe Tshirt 

Scrunched hair

No makeup or jewellery 


navy swimming shorts

black polo shirt

a mid 2000s Barnsley shirt for me

Home or away?


Cycling over so back to a pair of floral blue shorts and a hoodie.

Grey jeans, jumper with a rainbow stripe on.  Not because of the whole rainbow cheery sh1t that people are putting in their windows btw.  I am not that person.

I am debating dying the ends of my hair bright red.  Cos i can.  However, video hearings now increasing so must check that i can hide the ends.

I have my gown and jacket in case of hearings although am told that it is "business wear" and no need to be robed.  

williestroker, I think you meant to put a carriage return before the word “slim”