What are you guys up to/ planning tonight?

Me supposed to be: reading stupid relationship book and having freshly caught haddock for supper.

Me actually: playing fallout 4, drinking Pinot and just ordered a cuzza.

How was the wake, or wakes the other day?

Me, nothing this evening apart from a nice bottle of red.


Applying for a job in Cork. I think I am too spiteful for Cork tho. Still trying tho.

Wow clergs that’d be one heck of a change.  

Isn't spiteful quite an important trait in a tax lawyer?

Best of luck to you, either way.  Fingers crossed and all that.

Chambo:  wakes went well.  One of the guys owns a pasty shop and he very kindly organised for loads of pasties for the Masonic one so they had some food.  

Family wake was interesting, met a guy I’m related to in a fairly complicated way and he was one of the nicest blokes I’ve met.  Also caught up with a lot of people I haven't seen in many years.  Some of them having to do 8 hour trips to just get here and going back the same day, ouch.

Just been for a sweaty run and now about to eat pasta and drink wine. 

Cork is really charming if you go for that but has a heavy rural vibe. I am a big fan of boys with the Munster influence. (I would still be in Scotland a lot so it would really just be a different paymaster... Hope that common travel area dealio works out ?)

Yeah this pinot is going down a treat.  Annoyed it’s the last bottle I have!  Savouring it.

Ill have a Stella with my curry.  And then bigshop tomorrow, woo! (Actually not that big this month because my cupboards are groaning under the weight of all the food but I’m out of eggs, bacon and baking potatoes).

Why do you have to read a stupid relationship book, Teclis? And what’s the book?

Well me being allowed to continue in my relationship is conditional upon me reading two books, which she actually gave me a while back.

First one is “men are from Mars, women are from Venus”.  Which I’ve read before yawn.  Second is rather more cutting I suspect as is just called “Grow up!”.

We has an argument where she totally overreacted after I did something *nice* and she took it as a criticism.  But I don’t want to be alone and I do like and respect her so I am vaguely making my way through them.


"We has an argument where she totally overreacted after I did something *nice* and she took it as a criticism."


remember when we warned you about doing this weeks ago?


those books sound shite tho 

Linda, all I did was wipe down the surfaces of the kitchen when she was too tired and then offer to get her a cleaner to pop in once a week to help her out because she suffers from really bad fatigue.  She accused me (somehow) of saying that she wasn’t looking after her children properly.  How she got there from a few wipes in the kitchen then a genuine offer to help I do not know.

(My cleanliness OCD is pretty bad which is why I don’t like going to her house that much because she doesn’t keep it the way I keep mine).

Cleaning up for her when she was tired was a nice supportive thing to do.  Reminding her that you've got more money than her and implying that she needs help keeping on top of stuff is typical "white knight" twattish Tecco behaviour.  You are never trying to be nice, you are always trying to prove something to yourself.  Or, more likely, your ex wife.

Well no, she has a medical condition (fibromyalgia) which means she gets in pain when she tries to do too much and also suffers chronic fatigue at times.   We have applied for disability money for her to be able to get that help herself but it hasn’t reached a decision maker yet.

I was pretty sensitive about it but it rapidly deteriorated into a character assassination of me so I just left.  When I got home I had a message saying if I ever wanted to see her again I had to read the books she had bought me and understand them.  

Yeah that's exactly the sort of thing I thought it would be 

You clearly pick women you think need rescuing. Stop it. 

Lol I just picked her up because she was the best looking girl I’d seen in Cornwall with the hottest body if I’m totally honest.  I knew almost nothing about her.

These guys with 'cleaning' OCDs are a fking pain in the *rse

We put one up once, and he endless sprayed water everywhere to mop it up

I said to him, why doesn't he do something useful with his OCD like cleaning the windows, polishing the furniture, rather  than spraying water everywhere 

Is Tecco dating someone who has travelled from the 1990s?

Spraying water isn’t a cleaning ocd.  A cleaning or cleanliness ocd is about wiping down door handles, counters, throwing rubbish away, even if the bag isn’t full just to get rid of it, washing sheets more frequently than needed, washing hands repeatedly, taking multiple showers in a day etc.

This guy doubled the electricity bill with his showering

I get a discount on water and electricity because of it, it’s considered a disability in itself.

Unexpectedly had the entire Burt brood in tonight for the first time in ages and even more unexpectedly we all bar the youngest one sat and enjoyed a film without side watching other devices - the hunt for the wilderpeople 

Guy is now kipping down in a church in Madrid.

Been thrown out of two monasteries for water damage