what are the benfits of veganism

like apart from supposedly better health

Signposts you as a bellend . Benefits everybody else you’ll inevitably tell them within minutes of meeting them so they know 

A diet consisting only of refined sugar is vegan so the premise put is very much supposedly.

A certain benefit is that it gives you reason to shout about morally virtuous  you are

heh clubman i experience that so much, talking to someone not even on vegan subject but they throw in the old I've become vegan and like honestly why would anyone eat meat, and I'm like because its fucking delicious you stain

Well thanks for that clubbers.

Vastly improves health, vastly lower carbon/water footprints.

Smug feeling.

Chance to meet hot hippy chicks in Holland & Barrett over the vegan supplements section.

teclis - appreciate the honesty


i don't really care about my health or carbon footprint, i do like feeling smug, and i do like meeting hot hippy chicks so that's a 2-1 score and i feel like you've made a good argument for it

You are never short of a way of opening a conversation

real vegans don't use Holland & Barrett.  It's where your mum goes to get vitamin-enriched glycerol suppositories for your nan.

Recent Facebook posts I’ve seen by vegans have been pictures of vegan cake, vegan cookies, vegan ice cream, etc etc accompanied by a fatso near-diabetic proclaiming their superiority 

jelly i heard you go to funeral homes in search of love

"Vastly improves health"


This is a crock of shit. There are good vegan diets and shit vegan diets. The most fat person I know is a vegan. Lives on fake cheese and chocolate. 

Well no they probably order it from someone on the Internet who knits yogurt for a living but for us mere mortals I’m not planning to let my vitamin and mineral levels drop.  I am not alone in this.

panda - this is what im getting at, it mainly seems to be used to be smug about being a piece of shit, but Teclis has got me with the hot hippies so im on the fence now

Ok fine, I’ll qualify it.

When followed correctly, a well balanced vegan diet is considerably more healthy than a well balanced omnivore diet.

well then that brings me onto question two: what is the benefit of not eating chickens

When followed correctly, a well balanced vegan diet is considerably more healthy than a well balanced omnivore diet.


No that too is a crock of shit a well ballanced  omnivore diet is more healthy. 


soz m7 

^Wot Clubbers sed.   Also makes them easier to identify so you can hunt them down and hang them with their own entrails.

It's also amusing how many of them are utter hypocrites.  E.g. vegan but with a sly coke habit on the weekends.


But coke is made of plants.  How is that hypocritical (unless you count fuel expenditure in getting it across oceans and/or the appalling human cost of the South American drugs trade)?

I beg to differ but I’m not going to get into a silly fight about it.

Chicken isn’t the worst carbon footprint directly and is a pretty efficient way to consume protein, however chickens raised for food eat a shit-ton of tofu products which is a major concern regarding deforestation.

Best is just to go read about it on the PETA website tbf, I’m a newbie at this.

The evidence does not support the claims that Vegan is healthier.  

It can be no less healthy than a good omnivorous diet but requires more effort tbh. 

If it accords with your personal ethical outlook fine. Although query the logic in that as it seems to value large animals above others. But wevs. 

The best argument is probably in terms of overall environmental impact. But you’d better give up that Rangie Sport and global holidays while you’re at it. 

ahhh see I would be more in tune to this vegan stuff if i cared at all about the environment, in my eyes as long as china is making the air impossible to breathe im guna eat as many animals as i can because were fucked either way

That’s neither logical nor intelligent but you do you. 

plant based diet is the best for the eco stuff - this is true. 


my eating a sunflower seed instead of a chicken is not going to counteract the worlds dependence on everything that is polluting it to fuck anyway

no one said it would. 

But if we all took steps to reduce our impact it would have a huge effect. 

Saying but whatabout China is a lazy and pathetic excuse to not bother. 


Well you’re forgetting the high levels ofsug you will emit.

Not to mention the hot hippy chicks bit.  Although you can probably blag that one and just hide any sausage meat when you get her back to your place ofc.

im not not bothering, im actively not doing it

and its not just china, but everything everywhere - we will never stop fucking up the planet so there is just no point in me eating grass and ruining my quality of life

Tec- i prefer my women to enjoy putting meat in their mouths

I will never go vegan.  If Brexit causes post war rationing issues I am happy eating gray bento and spam

It’s all about personal choice innit.  I don’t evangelise about it, I made my choice and get to emit serious levels of smug that I’m doing less damage to the planet than others.

And, yknow, the hippy chicks ofc.

Not when they are figments of a drug addled imagination

I like a girl with small boobs.  Hot little racing snakes.

Wang, nothing much tbf I just got chatting over the vegan supplement section with a girl who had asked for the same thing I was after and ended up taking her out for a coffee the next day.

Fully expect this to happen again.

do you find that they are too frail to absolutely sex you up?

Have yet to find out, I’ve been stuck elsewhere but I should be seeing her on Saturday afternoon.

It means they are a self-righteous prudes who condone violence against people to 'protect' animals. I like meat, game and foie gras., so do many people I know. Now that it's technically illegal to hunt foxes, perhaps vegans should be the next quarry. It will be an act of self-sacrifice for the cause of animal 'rights'.

Ooh aren’t you all so shocking and edgy. 

is this how Boomers do Friday night these days?

Middle aged lawyers aren’t allowed to say ‘boomer’, thuggy.

I had a vegan friend. She was going to live forever. She was super into physical fitness and would bike across London on a regular basis. Running half-marathons several times a year. She qualified for the London Marathon, in her age group, several times on time alone. She never drank except perhaps 2 x halves of beer whenever we met in the pub.

She was run over by a lorry turning left in London two years ago last month. She was airlifted but died in the Royal London Hospital about a week later. 

lwo - that story is horrible and somehow equally hilarious in the context of this discussion, so absolutely no benefits as far as I can see

One of the benefits of veganism for all of us is that a lack of red meat in the diet reduces testosterone production in men, and thus fertility, which naturally improves the chance of removing these people from the gene pool

heh a well constructed point, but does that mean i should eat as much red meat as possible for biceps

Except it’s a stupid point. Being run over by lorry drivers happens to meat eaters too. Duh. 

i think you've mixed up my replies, or combined them rather in some sort of sick and twisted attempt to make us vegan

I discovered a colleague had taken up veganism recently. For a reeeeally long time.

heh i am loving the classic 'well now that im vegan i….' literally in a conversation about anything

No vegan diet, no vegan powers!

Scott Pilgrim. Great movie.