WFH cooling devices

Without spending silly money, we dont get that many hot days, what do you recommend?


Running cold water from the tap on your wrists


Freeze a large block of ice, put it in a basin - put basin in front of fan.  and that's AC, folks.

Child’s paddling pool plus one of those NHS bedside tables for your laptop 

I had my builder install some articulated panels in the walls that I can use to allow air in. He also made them primarily out of glass so I can see out of them too.

I bought a couple of portable air con units from Amazon for £200-£300 each, they do a great job.

Do you have kids? Get them to fan you.

Otherwise: almond magnum and man person up. 

The portable air conditioner is the gift that keeps giving.

You might only need it for a couple of days a year, but you’ll glad you got it on those days.

Fvcking off work for the day seems to work quite well for me.

Royalty, they’re also known as windows

Thanks for explaining the joke risky. Our Ben Garrison fans needed that.

Immerse baseball cap in cold water, rinse dry moderately, place on bonce for immediate cooling.

Cant alas. I might sink into an bucket of ice vream


Problem with portable aircon is the big ugly vent pipe needed to go through the window, which means you need to seal the window up as well

any recs of a ventless portable room cooler

I have a new portable airconditioner for a well insulated outbuilding that houses a freezer and needs to be kept cool to keep the freezer working but i woudlnt recommend that for an office. 

I would recommend a dyson fan which you can leave on low all day and is whisper quiet. They are really good. 

There are some good options under £100 - eg:

There are others around the same price on Amazon.  There are more expensive options, up to £300-400, but they basically do the same thing.  They run water down a passive radiator at the back of the fan to operate as a heat exchanger.  The water provides the cooling, rather than using an electrical unit.  You can add ice packs/cubes to the water reservoir for extra cooling.  It's a lot better than large fans as it does actually cool the air, rather than just move hot air around.

It's not "proper" A/C that is actively cooling then pumping out cold air, but it's the next best thing.  Anything that is an "air cooler" rather than air conditioning is basically doing the same thing, so there's little point paying more than this.  It does a very good job from experience so far, including when my (home) office doubles as a gym.

Just get a proper portable aircon unit.  They're about £400 and yes, you need to run a vent pipe out the window, but it doesn't need a full seal for the type of heat that we get in the UK.  Move it to the home office on particularly hot days and into the bedroom to run at night for the majority of the summer.  It's well worth it for the better sleep you'll get.

Got a desk air cooler for £50 - is very effective

Got a great Tower fan this week. Timer. Remote control. £70. 

Only problem is you get a bit damp after a while...,