WFH club

Who else is in?

I'm on my second coffee of the day. One con call down. Nearly the weekend!

Me.  Just finished 2nd coffee too.  Hope to be done by lunchtime, except for anything new that crops up.  ☺️

Jealous. My mornings are for easing myself in gently and reading things in peace. Afternoons are when the shit tends to hit the fan.

Just realised that the thing I have just done was not on the to do list I wrote yesterday, so obviously I had to write it down just so I could cross it off. I can't be the only one who does this, right?

I've got a team member who works half as much as I do and e.g. today isn't in. but I see she isn't online when she says she will be wfh

we call her part-time stephanie

I have worked an entire week in the office (apart from Monday) and am not happy about it. I haven’t got any of my personal admin or the washing done, and have had white sandwiches for lunch every day. And the coffee has been cat piss too. 

**Raises hand**

Here Miss...

Lady P... ...may I ask what you do, if it isn’t too outy.

I would PM you Fluffy, but I can't work out how to do it when someone hasn't messaged me first. Isn't there supposed to be a "message poster" button somewhere?

I am looking forward to eating the leftover risotto for lunch instead of the rubbish we usually get in the staff canteen.

The problem with risotto is that it looks exactly like cat vom

So cross. Just one meeting, otherwise I would be in the home office with a nice snooze after lunch.

I'm fucking tired

I'll have cassoulet for lunch from the bio delicatessen :) yeh yeh yeh

Do you all have a designated office space, or do you sweep the kids toys off the dining table?

I’m lucky enough to have a designated room. This provides the psychological separation from the sh*tstorm which is the rest of my life.

The upstairs study is lighter but the downstairs study is cosier.

Swings and roundabouts really.

I just commandeer the dining table too. No kids' toys to sweep off it though.

When I have a perfectly serviceable wife?

I would not countenance such extravagance.

Fair point...

...although I’d start checking your food.

I also tend not to wfh on Friday as that is the day Mrs Gravy is at home with Jnr Gravy, in whose presence it is impossible to have exclusive use of a computer or telephone. 

Me! Huge pile of paperwork, wondering how harsh to be to a young fool, then head massage at 5.

Dining room table for me, has the best light.

*slurps smoothie*

Desk in the spare room.   I need to be separate from the "normal living" space.

Desk in spare bedroom for me too.  Desk, decent chair, printer, dog, sorted.

Buzz I think I have spotted your lack of productivity problem... computer?

Strutter I feel your pain.  I have had to drag myself in because a client wants to buy me a pint and a pie at lunchtime.  The huge manatee.

incidentally, that means I shall be 'loowards by about 3...

DD King, Stephanie doesn't need to be online to be doing productive work....surely?

Desk is in the spare room but I need a new cable to connect my monitor up to the new laptop. So I'm between sofa and kitchen table.

Although I've spent most of the morning sorting my mother out. They've been trying to book a flight for over an hour though. I don't understand how this is possible.

"We call her part-time Stephanie"

This is the famous German sense of humour, yah?  Her real name is Katie.

You sure DD?

 I can do work off line and then upload it


If I have documents to read I'm better off not being online.

I know, reading docs is easier when reading hardcopy but in this instance she needs to use a certain word template to do her work otherwise she won't be able to

you need not feel sorry for that workshy bint who is in addition kissing a lot of supervisor ass

I am unclear why you care so much about what Stephanie is or is not doing, in that case.

You sound like a busybody.

cos she earns almost the same as I do but goes home earlier all the time

which is ok when in her field there isn't much work to do, but right now there is

she comes at 9:45 and 3x/week goes home at 4pm, claiming she'll wfh but never does.


Maybe she's just better at her job than you are.

I mean, you RoF a lot, so I think it's a little disingenuous to imply that if someone is offline they aren't working, but if they are online, they are working.

We all know that's not true.

And is she actually behind in her work in any way?

that I don't know

I know her work product however, it's ok

so far

but if you have that much time doing so little work it should be ok

She is probably not bitching about you on the internet, so in that respect she is almost certainly better than you. And she has probably never supported Tommy Robinson or the EDL either. So that's another thing.

Hmmm this isn’t the first time you’ve roffed about the troubles you have with female colleagues

I have a new femal boss though and she's cool. objective, nice, calm and smart

oh yeah cos I critizise and dislike a female collegague

you would not have said anything if it was a male person

And FAOD, I would have been thinking you need to mind your own business and get a life irrespective of the gender of the colleague whose work pattern you are obsessing over.

I'm not obsessing and indeed the remainder of my collegues take more umbrage at her work pattern than I.

it is objectively seen not fair to get the same money but work  about 10 hours less per week than the rest of us. nothing obsessive about it

Well perhaps you should use the time you spend RoFing and the time you spend obsessing - sorry, thinking - about your colleague to do your own job better so you get promoted and can stop worrying about her.

err I mentioned her in one post and you're talking about an obsession

I bet YOU are a pain in the arse esp as a girlfriend - always right and always having your way

everybody company has people who take the mick and get away with it.

that's life!

FYI, there will always be people richer and better looking than you!



Quite difficult for me to be a pain in the arse as a girlfriend (other than theoretically), since I'm not anyone's girlfriend.

PS - you've been banging on about Stephanie since 9:43 this morning.

Interesting way in which to express opinions on people though - whether or not they’d be a pain in the arse as a girlfriend. 

Especially coming from someone who has effectively admitted to being a total waste of space as a boyfriend.

I thought anna is in a relationship, not anymore it seems

why am I a waste of space as a boyfriend? how do you know that? we live together and intend to get married

and I post about stephanie cos people keep asking me questions!! how dare I critizise stephanie!

I am married.

You, as I recall, like to smoke loads of weed, mansplain makeup to your girlfriend, and generally fail at adulting.

I definitely typed, "What is she getting out of this relationship?" in response to one of your threads.