Wetherspoon’s Christmas Festive Meal
PerfidiousPorpoise 19 Nov 23 19:03
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Good value for money. Quite nom.

Will be the only bit of Christmas cheer for a number of people - spoons fills a gap in the market that isn’t really covered by any other pub. 

Veg was perfectly cooked as cabbage, parsnips not dry as both cooked in jus and more gravy available.  £6.95 and extra £1.50 for a side of pigs in blankets. 

How much was the spoons dinner pp?

The main meal itself (without the pudding), about 16 quid with an alcoholic drink.

Poor effort on the ikea roasties, they look wet and wrinkly. Mash has no place on a Christmas Day plate, acceptable to offer on the table to guests but only alongside mountains of perfectly crispy roasties. 

They weren’t roasted in oil. The potatoes were pretty good. It was coming straight out of ovens. Not stewing for hours. 

Ah, yes Rog.

To be honest, the meal looks pretty grim. The Turkey looks like it’s made out reconstituted meat of dubious origin, the lardons (?) look weird, and having mash with yer Christmas roast is just meh.

I suspect an M&S Christmas platter meal that you just stick in the oven is probably far better and much cheaper.

Roger well identified. Spoons great for a big batch of old people with dementia as no awkwardness.  No difficulty with menu as if they have forgotten to order something they actually like can just order another meal as quick and cheap. Cappuccinos literally on tap and free once 1st cup paid for. 

Most odd...

Well yes Rog maybe when viewed through a very narrow lens. You assume too much. Maybe not all of us earn the same coin, maybe some of us dobut didnt have disposable income growing up but still love a bargain.

Elitist nonsense.


Thanksgiving is for Americans FFS. 

That’s one thing that we must surely resist becoming part of our culture.

it is perfectly acceptable to talk about Christmas stuff in november 

I’ve already started playing christmas tunes for the kids in the car

tree and decorations will go up while it is still november albeit only just

I admire spoons for recognising that you cannot make decent mass produced roast potatoes that are ready to serve all day and they now just refuse to serve them.

wrong, mash is a waste of good stomach space better used for more roasties, pigs in blankets etc..

Heh Crypto, its funny after several years you still keep referring back to a thread about me NOT going to the Savoy.

It was all a terrible misunderstanding. Guy once asked the Deliveroo chap for a saveloy and he ended up spending a fortune on taxis into Central London. 

apparently Spoons are opening a new massive new branch at waterloo directly above the massive brewdog. 

so there will be a pub for normal people and a pub for khunts and every station drinker must choose

Choice between a decent range of drinks at reasonable prices and a limited range of over priced over hopped beer that nobody really likes but is on trend.


The latter for me.

In the good old days the drinking choice at waterloo was weirdly  limited to small hard to find bar in a basement that was always way too hot.

When the Eurostar came I think there was a little bar called Bonaparte's or Napoleon's something like that.  

Popped into my local Spoons on Saturday morning to have a cheeky breakfast, it was 9.30 am and the place was packed out... I thought people were struggling with bills?  I couldn't get a table so had to go elsewhere.

Why anyone would drink in Waterloo station when the KA is 3 minutes away is a mystery to me. Fine station pubs long ago went the way of clean and free public conveniences.

I'd rather have the spoons lunch than what my office christmas party lunch promises to be (eg truffled mash instead of roasties FFS, and mushroom gravy on meat - double Ffs)

There's also the Kings Arms on Roupell Street

High risk that  Strutter wll be there though  sadly.