Wellers (and other football types)... ...your view on this

Unfortunately the conduct of the Cameroon team rathers pisses on point 3.

Point 2 is skewed by USA's 13-0 thrashing of Thailand (which is not good for the competition or for women's football)

Point 1 is simply supply and demand. If more people wanted to watch the ticket prices would rise.

Other than that - I have been enjoying the tournament and hope the Lionesses beat the Norwegians tonight!

I  not sure about the viewing figures- I suspect 6.8m is pretty much the minimum you will get for anything on BBC1 in prime time - it would be interesting to see how much higher or lower the figures are than normally watch whatever the football replaced.

Are England women better than men?

No. They obviously are not. 

Hah! Arse or no arse... ...she’s just scored the first goal. 

I’ve really enjoyed the little I’ve seen of the women’s world cup. Seems to be a potential game changer in terms of the sport.

i wish them all the best. Sadly I have no additional room in my life for more football outside of Newcastle United.

How come Norway's best player, and supposedly the best in the world, isn't playing?

The World Cup has been great. Technically the players are excellent, although obviously the speed and dynamism isn’t what it is in the men’s game.

wellers - I thought you’d have plenty of additional room in your life for football given that Newcastle only play 40 competitive matches per season?