A well stacked McVey

Esther and Martine (10 years ago).  Hmmmmmnnnn...

Back in 5.

I don’t get it. She looks like all Scottish women do in hot weather - uncomfortably out of place and highly flammable. 

She's not Scottish, she's English.

Or "Liverpool Irish" as Tarquin would say.

You’re right. Why did I think she was Scottish? 

I take it back. 

She’s proper stupid, though.  And has a very high opinion of herself.  

she is a nasty piece of work , and  stupid.  Stupid and nasty is dangerous,  look at May

I worked with her briefly 20 years ago and she was a stupid cow back then, there doesn't appear to be any evidence she has changed


I met the lass recently. She's fine. The last thing we need is more bloody intellectuals in Parliament telling us what to think. 

having now looked at the video I wood Martine Mccutcheon until her silly hat fell off. 


Dulcie if you think she's fine then that says all I need to know about her

McCutcheon had certainly been on the pies before that interview.