As well as quitting drinking...

I am aiming to lose 1/2 stone over next month.

Obviously quitting drinking in itself will help

No intention of doing any more exercise so any other particularly effective tips?

So far am loosely calorie counting with a planned daily deficit and wearing my tighter fitting shirts to constantly remind myself of the extra poundage round the middle - looks shyte but who cares? 

I've been wearing tighter shorts for a year on the basis I'd slim into them. I'm not just going to buy shorts the right size instead.

losing weight is 90% calorie control and 10% exercise unless you do a crazy amount -  realistically I don't have the inclination. especially in winter,  to do more than do long walk and or cycle ride at the weekend and 3 x 5k runs I already do a week so it is going to be about controlling what goes in.

Of course I know all the obvious answers - eat less move more but just wondered if anyone had stumbled on any tip psychological or otherwise that was particularly effective. 

Use an app and track your calories. If you want to take the thinking out of it MuscleFood has a diet thing, which looks pretty good.

with me it’s all about exercise

I tried to lose weight by dieting for years  to no avail - - started walking 5 miles a day, lost 2st in 18mths.

If you're cutting out drinking (and not overeating to compensate) I would think that losing 1/2 stone would be automatic.

ps weights with cardio are more effective than just cardio and also helps in other ways - ie by balancing out blood sugar, strengthening skeleton etc etc etc

There is no golden rule that diet counts more than exercise.

You need a calorific deficit but for some people the metabolic rate increase from exercising even a little will make a bigger difference than whatever shortfall can be achieved by dieting. 

Likewise, just because it’s about calorific deficit doesn’t mean that *what* you eat doesn’t matter - eating a lot of white carbs will cause your blood sugar to spike, loads of insulin to dump into your blood, which will make you slump tired and low and encourage you to eat more than you need.

The reaction against the fad diet movement talks almost as much bollocks as the fad diet movement itself. In practice it is NOT just eat less move more.

Why are people so weirdly against exercising [on Rof]?

Cardio keeps your heart and lungs healthy; weight training strengthens muscles, increases bone density, and gives you a bubble butt. Plus you can keep eating the crap you love. There's no downside, you non-exercising freaks.

I used My Fitness Pal last year to monitor calories and that's quite good as you can generally scan the bar code on things and it will then automatically upload the dietary information for that food.

Try upping your NEAT activity (non exercise stuff). Walk a bit more, get off the tube one stop earlier or later. Get out the lift a floor or two below your floor. walk to to shops rather than drive. 

girls who squat have great arses

I am not against exercise - I do what I consider a reasonable amount for me and don't wish to do more.  Forgoing a packet of crisps is easier than running an extra 30 minutes for me.  As said above everyone is different and when I went through a period of doing lots more exercise I just ate more and it made little difference.

Alternate day 24 hour fasting. Improves insulin resistance. Results in weight loss. No measuring or counting, just don't eat like a pig on your eating days, healthy lean protein, veg and carbs. Cheap. Easy.

Also do resistance training to build muscle.


It's difficult to build muscle on a calorie deficient diet I think. You can increase your strength a bit, but not build muscle.

Sounds nice meh but if I didn't eat for 24 hours I would literally not be able to think about anything else from about 12 hours onwards.

this thread basically amounts to

How can I lose some weight without doing things that bring about weight loss?

Try a witch doctor m99

Cut out refined sugar and you wont need to do anything else. See, you’re already not drinking, staying off sugar will be a cinch.

no sugar = no:


tinned soup

soup in a carton

tomato ketchup

ready meals

flavoured crisps

fizzy drinks

baked beans

flavoured yoghurt

etc etc as well as the obvious cakes/biscuits/choc

forget the no added sugar versions, they are full of stevia which you will really not like once you lose your taste for sugar (about 3 weeks in iirc)

I think it's fine. I have dinner in the evening, skip breakfast, skip lunch and then have dinner again in the evening.

I've read it's meant to be ok because it taps into the way we used to be when we were hunter/gatherers. You don't generally end up tired etc because your body knows it needs to go hunt something to eat or it will die. The first day I did it was tough but after that it was fine. I'm a bit peckish now but it'll pass in 5 mins or so and before I know it it'll be time for dinner.

I've lost 16lb on it since April last year (most of it in the first two months) and kept it off. I haven't been to the gym since last March. I have some endorcrine conditions which have completely subsided since I've been including fasting in my regime to the point where after my check up next week I'm pretty sure I'm going to be discharged because my last two checks have shown normal levels. I think the effect is has on insulin resistance is particularly helpful and there is a lot of diabetes in my dad's side of the family so I'm mindful of that.

Oh also, I can keep willpower up for a day. A week? Hahahaha no.

Exercise is good as it seems to make me want to eat better food and engages the core as well so you feel less slobby. If you do too much cardio though, I think you risk overeating to compensate.

If you calorie count it will just come straight back on. Any diet relying on starvation will fail. Just have a planned healthy breakfast, a salad for lunch, cut out sugary processed stuff completely and be sensible with dinner. Takeaway blow out once a week to stay sane. Don't wear slobby, loose clothes, you need to be reminded of your bloaterdom. Think 6 month target, not one month. If you can handle it (I can't), get yourself video'd being a bloata and watch it before each meal.

Eh Laz?  I have already said I intend to lose the weight by calculating the calorie deficit required.  That will definitely work if I stick to it just looking for additional tips

Sod Minkie's regime which would remove all the joy from life.  The whole point of sailing is to burn enough calories to justify the stuff we graze on whilst sailing...

If I did fasting and tried to go the gym I'd pass out.

minkie’s regime is great! You are not on a diet yet lose weight. I did eat choc over christmas and gained weight but gone now.

i have not extended this no sugar thing to wine, still drink.

it is easy because you lose your sweet tooth and enjoy proper home cooked food all the time, anything, just not sugar. I still put redcurrant jelly in gravy but thats only once a month tops. Marmite instead of marmalade. Proper posh mayo (read the ingredients). On rare occasions i have a sweet craving i eat some ripe mango from the fridge which sounds ridic but is actually pure sugar yummerz. Dried mango too but you have to go easy on that.

Take up squash.

Take up cycling.

Eat sensibly- none of the bollocks spouted on this thread.