Well now. Trudeau is the gift which keeps on giving, isn't he?

Two more pictures (at two different events) now published of Trudeau in blackface.  At least he's consistently ignorant.


Cue the: "I'm not a racist - look, here's a picture of me dressed as a Waffen SS officer" newspaper splash.

This is pretty awkward, a month before the elections.

I can't see him winning another term.

He’s certainly fucked.  

Fair enough once is a reprehensible mistake for which he has apologised.  But what is this like three or four times now?  That just shows a habit really.

Fair play to the lad. Shows even the "woke" crowd are normal.

He should properly go for it at the next summit meeting. I reckon either King Zwelithini of the Zulus or a Fijian chief.

I think most of us have probably done it, in the pre-PC days.

Can confirm I’ve never done it and never had any reason to consider doing it.  It’s bloody bizarre and I’m comfortably into my forties and hardly “woke” ffs.

last time out had 177 seats, nearest (conservative) had 95.  I'd think a lot of those unhappy would switch to one of the other left/centreleft/green options?

TBH I'm not sure I have, thinking about it., but it was fairly standard university high jinks in the '90s.

hehe. vaguely denied  until the photos emerge, eh readers?!

Today Matthew I am going to be Idi Amin....  



It was not dux

ive never seen anyone do it 

and in the 90s at uni most of my friends were the incredibly Rah Bristol Tory lot 

Hmm.  This is somewhat of a worrying disclosure Linda...

The guy wants to be brown. He loves it. He even did an audition for Bollywood. 

On a serious note, only the far left white folks and Canadian media, who were dying for some election stories, care about this. 

Trump proved that the electorate do not care about things that happened 20 years ago. 

Everyone in Canada expected the liberals to lose majority this election. This may solidify it. Although in the event of a coalition the NDP leader (trudeau's potential coalition partner) is real piece of work. 

I have never done it (and would never do it).  But I might make an exception for Idi Amin. SirPitt, that suggestion is fucking genius, man.

So basically these days if you want to be a politician you have decide aged about 10 and ensure that after that nobody ever takes any kind of photo of you in a remotely embarrassing scenario.

Although if a friend of mine ever runs for the US presidency now he's a US citizen I look forward to sending the papers the infamous photo of him demonstrating his ability to hold a beer can between his buttocks.

Funniest bit yet is how a satirical article on the US Spectator website (https://spectator.us/justin-trudeau-right-blackface/), published after the first picture was uncovered, wrote this:

Before judging Justin Trudeau too harshly, let me tell you this: if anyone has earned the right to do blackface, it’s him. Over the past few years, Trudeau has stacked up more than enough woke points to be able to cover his entire body including his ass cheeks in brown makeup and run naked through the streets of Vancouver, singing ‘Daylight Come and Me Wan’ Go Home’ if he so wishes.

And now we find that the third, that's THIRD, picture is of an occasion when he blacked up to sing that very same Harry Belafonte classic!

Truly, you couldn't make it up.

It's not 'blackface' when Justin does it.

It's 'empathy paint' 


19 Sep 19 17:21

So basically these days if you want to be a politician you have decide aged about 10 and ensure that after that nobody ever takes any kind of photo of you in a remotely embarrassing scenario.


He was 29 in the most recent picture, and a teacher. At which age do you become responsible? 30?

Err, no Sailers. You don't have to make a decision not to do blackface just because you want to be a politician in the future, as if that is the only thing stopping an innate burning desire.

It's the difference between (I) knowing what is right and wrong and wanting to do right, and (2) knowing what is right and wrong and only doing right to protect self image.

Surely, we want to choose politicians who know right from wrong and want to do what is right. 

He needs to own this shizzle. Tell the critics to get a life, and come out singing Ol' Man River.

Your parents should be able to tell you it's Not A Good Thing before you reach majority.  After that, it's down to you and your intelligence/social conscience.  But anyone with half a brain should realise it's (i) likely to cause offence (ii) likely to end up on social media and (iii) therefore likely to come back and haunt you at some stage.

Well clearly if you want to have a past with no skeletons you become responsible at around 10 as that's also the age of criminal responsibility is it not?

Goose I'm talking rather more loosely but friend of mine went to a fancy dress party as a politician wearing a suit, rosette and a brown paper envelope stuffed in his breast pocket.  I suspect in this era that if he wanted to become an MP that would surface and someone would claim poor judgement as it shows that he thinks bribery of elected officials is a laughing matter.

Heh @ Ole Man River.  And whilst we're at it, Cartman singing "Day's never finished / Massa got me workin' / one day Massa set me free....".  Christ alive.

It's difficult, in the social media age, for things not to be discoverable about you.  That having been said, it beggars belief that fuckwit twentysomethings can hold bad taste parties and then fail to have a "no Facebook" rule.  Didn't someone lose a TC job offer a few years back because the HR people looked him up on Facebook and found pictures of him dressed as Baby P?  A bit Stasi-like of them, but it just goes to show.

It's not as though he came from an isolated rural community where people may have different views of these things either, Daddy was an MP for nearly 20 years, led a major national centre-left political party for 16 of them and was Prime Minister for 4!

I only know one Canadian very well, and I have not seen her very recently. She ranted to me on occassion about her support of Trudeau´s father. And she is most certainly of the Quebecois nationalist fraternity. And she is of mixed Native American-Francophone descent (perhaps French Métis, although I am not sure she identifies as such, and in any case, while it is sort of legally defined in Canadian law, I am not sure she qualifies.)

I reckon she will forgive Justin almost anything.

Genuine q and not conspiracy-mongering (I have not been following this too closely) - how is it he has been PM of Canada for five years and these three separate photos have never come out before? Did he have an NDA in place?

I’m confused. Presumably if he thought it was acceptable once he thought it was acceptable a few times. So why does him doing it a few times many years ago make a blind bit of difference? If anything it accentuates his belief that it was ok. Which it kind of was before the world went completely mad. 


He now is unable to answer how many times he wore black face!!!!

dude! The answer should be fucking none! 

Someone stick a fork in him, he is done.

You’re all so fucking woke you can’t think straight... ...it’s laughable.

I hardly consider myself woke and have certainly been to a couple of bad taste parties, but I don't recall ever dressing in blackface. I'm in my 40s but even when I was at uni I knew it was not a good idea.

There is a Canadian lives upstairs from me so will have to ask her what she thinks of it. As she is of Moroccan extraction she might have some strong views about this. You never can tell with Canadians, they were quite happy to have that lad Ford as mayor of Toronto even though he had been photographed smoking crack.

not one person who voted for him cares now jog on tx

rob ford was ace

wish britain had people like him in charge

My m8 Will once dressed up in full Zulu warrior rig including boot polish blackface back in his UOTC days.

Cant decide if it was a mitigating or an aggravating factor that it was a Welsh uni and he was channelling Isandhlwana.


White people: How could he, the racist twat!!

Brown/black people: Whatever.

I don't think he's racist but this is clearly idiotic behaviour and suggests a lack of sound judgement.

"Although if a friend of mine ever runs for the US presidency now he's a US citizen I look forward to sending the papers the infamous photo of him demonstrating his ability to hold a beer can between his buttocks."

I think you have to be born there to be president don't you.