weeknight drinking

nothing beats it does it?


getting so hammered on a school night that you're still drunk the next day and doing everyday things around people that you know were tucked up in bed just as you were thinking shots were a good idea


makes the current suicidal thoughts and the high probability of the form teacher rom my daughter's school calling social services completely worth it.  

I have never thought shots were a good idea because they are not

they're a good idea if you're looking for a bad idea.


p.s. hai *bouncy happy emojii*

Bam have u ever done a treble grandad?  that's a snakey B&B with all three colours of aftershock poured in (was going to say all three flavours, but realised that would be listerine, listerine, listerine)?

i don't recommend it unless you like broken spine

I've got my third night of boozing in a row tonight and struggling to find the enthusiasm for it to be honest.  Definitely binning my plans for tomorrow night as otherwise it will be five nights in a row and I'll die.

the last time I had aftershock I had to have a lie down in the middle of a pavement


wtf is in that stuff

I assume it listerine plus ethanol and colouring

it fckd wangy up real good

wangy does not drink this for 16 years now

I've not done that Wang. what we do is the shot ladder

so first bar 1 shot of whatever, next bar 2 shots done together, next bar three together etc. etc.

whoever buys the round choses the shot.

I got to 5 shots then I sat down and the next thing I knew I woke up on my sofa.

I always go for black Sambuca because it makes one of my mates instantly throw up

last time I did absinthe I phoned up my mate's wife and told her he'd been killed in a knife fight and took his phone so he couldn't answer it.

no idea why I did that and have no recollection of doing it either. got in quite a bit of trouble for that

what would you rec for a pleasant upchuck meh?  


I'm thinking bailey's 

Amen Bam. 

Nothing puts your day to day problems in to perspective and out of your mind like the problem of 'can I make it through this meeting without throwing up' dominating your thoughts. If you were out with work colleagues and there is an edge of 'Am I going to be sacked for what I can't remember doing last night' it works even better.

And nothing feels as good as waking up without a hangover the day after the day after.  Sadly when you hit 40 the hangovers from really big nights become multi day and the price you pay just becomes too high.  That is absolutely one of my least favourite things about getting old.

I had a big gin and karaoke session on Saturday and had a two-day hangover and my voice is still a bit hoarse.

Fuck middle age. Fuck it in the ear.

Nothing puts your day to day problems in to perspective and out of your mind like the problem of 'can I make it through this meeting without throwing up' dominating your thoughts.

Couldn't agree more. I have had some of my most productive days at work ever whilst in that state.

hangovers I can deal with, the raging speed horn that lasts for days afterwards gets pretty awkward



c'mon cookie.

that feeling when you're 5 pints down, possibly a couple of shorts and you get that mischievous feeling, buy a tray of shots and are met with that chorus of reluctance by your friends but deep down you KNOW this is IT. this is when the stories of tomorrow get written

Google a song called Last Night by Lucy Spraggan on X-Factor. Hilarious.

Someone please post it, I can't do links from this phone.

pleasant puking experience, I interpret Wangsun's earlier post to question?

A banana and pepto-bismol in the morning.  Tastes almost as good regurgitated and saves breaking out the smoothie blender.

Cannot be bettered when the inevitable is on the cards.  Looks a more pleasant colour than the brown and bile a cup of tea generates when mopping up the overspill.

Had a few beers including a coffee imperial stout and went into a snack frenzy when I got home. The gods smiled on me and no hangover this morning .

I went easy last night but after three nights in a row I'm crawling to home time and then going home to sleep.