Weekend plans?
PerfidiousPorpoise 08 Feb 19 09:06
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Thankfully looking like the weekend is going to be mostly work-free.

Planning to catch "If Beale Street Could Talk" in the cinema.

Then visit my favorite north London gastropub that I haven't been to in a while.

Make more headway with my 24-hour PLI session.

May joy be sparked.

I'm having a moral dilemma because my friend asked me over. She's had a terrible two weeks with her toddler in hospital. I was planning to bring cakes. But she just told me he was diagnosed with influenza A on Saturday.

So I'm probably going to sack it off.

Practising Law Institute - offers seminars and such, live and online, for CLE credits.

Ahh like cpd?

Are you doing fun things like financial crime?

I shall be watching rugby in the pub tomorrow afternoon then doing my penance in the gym on Sunday morning.  Now just need to find something to do tomorrow morning to avoid all the people viewing my flat.

"Are you doing fun things like financial crime?"

No, I'm doing sexy things like the latest tax strategies for spin-offs and leveraged buyouts.

"just need to find something to do tomorrow morning to avoid all the people viewing my flat."

Just hang around the flat, nonchalantly watching porn on the internet while the viewers mill about.

I'm impressed a legal cpd provider offers tax stuff at that level.

PP with or without clothes?  I've had a couple of nightmares that I'm enjoying a Saturday morning Clergham when I hear the front door opening.

Whatever you feel more nonchalant in, Sails.


Drinks :)


Gym and then dinner with friends


Dunno, maybe some sorting out and the cinema

Tonight - run, cook for EmJay (who is working late), collapse into bed.


Tomorrow - have lie-in, make brunch, go out shopping (need a new overcoat), watch some films and play some guitar whilst EmJay works.  Cook, eat, etc..


Sunday - EmJay will be seeing a friend and I may or may not be invited (not because I'm horrid).  If not invited, PS3 and possibly a run and/or the gym. 


Plus films, fucking etc..

quiet night in this eve.

taking a friend to JL tomorrow morning to pick up a cordless hoover in my car.

watching rugby.

Friends round on sunday to play bridge.  

I now have four viewings of my flat tomorrow so may just spend the day in a dressing gown to scare them off.

Quiet this evening, swimming with Mini M tomorrow followed by house admin and the gym, Sunday- watching footy and rugby