Wednesday Evening Roll Call

Who's about?

For M0nty, late of this parish:

laugh ooh thanks very much!  I am well thanks how are you?  What's been going on around these parts?


Thanks for the link, he is EVERYWHERE at the moment, I am loving it. x

Glad to hear it.

Not so bad, ta.

It all went a bit crazy here a while back, trolling-wise. Seemed to have got better with Nu-Rof, then got bad again, now the keel seems to have evened again for the most part.

Loved this:

" "


I think I left when it became trolling central, seems relatively sane (I mean it is still rof!) for now

Heh!  I saw that do the rounds too, it is very good and so true.

I have been away for years haha!  I lurked a bit and then it got weird so left, thought I'd come and see what's going on now heh.

I've seen how dead it gets in the evening.  I'm 5 hours behind you lot and it goes quiet in the afternoon for me.

Loving the links :)