Wedding receptions cancelled

omg, I had not appreciated this.

people who were looking forward to marrying and having a decent reception of up to 30 people, from today, now can’t.

there must have been loads of couples who jumped at the chance to get spliced today, now they cant. A day’s notice.


They can still get married, but yes you're right, no reception

the venue we are using for our ceremony usually has a capacity of 40. We are allowed 8 people 

We didn't plan a reception because I anticipated this would happen and half my family are being fannies anyway 

hang on

were gatherings > 30 previously allowed and have been re-banned, or were they expected to be allowed from today but now aren’t?

They were expected to be allowed from today but now aren't 

the number of people who organised a wedding and small reception for today believing it would be allowed will not be zero 

Gatherings of up to 30 laz. Nowhere were you to be permitted more than 30 indoors 

bit mental tbh

they need to stop pulling this shit at like a day’s notice

I don’t understand anyone who books something for the day that the government “hopes” to be able to allow it again.

I had a huge, expensive wedding planned for April 2nd.

Loads of people flying in from Canada and the USA, wedding in Bruges, hotels, meals, big party the night before and of the day...all cancelled.

Now that money (finally mostly refunded) is going to the house downpayment.

Eloping in Islington townhall with 2 whole witnesses to the event.

C'est la vie under shit covid, but in 20 years time I'll probably be glad the money went to an asset instead of a party.

Was out at the pub last night (get me) and one of my m7s was supposed to be at a wedding today - cancelled it yesterday :(

To each their own. Some people want the big wedding and really outside last night there were shit loads of pissed people having fun - how is it any different 

govt fkers. Not in my name.

en route to get eyebrows done. Grab the grooming while you can 

It’s different in that a fun night out with friends costs nothing like a big wedding. 

Spending £100k on a wedding is prolly fine if you’re making 10 times that a year. But if you’re borrowing and repaying that over 10 years with interest then I’d suggest there are better ways to spend the money that will bring you lots more happiness than the memory of some fancy flowers and a bunch of food that other people ate (while bitching that you spent too much/not enough)

But then I’m a fkn antisocial asshole so YMMV

All depends what you want from your big day and what you can afford obvs. Personally, I wanted the big reception and loads of friends and family there. If I was due to get married now, I would probably be up for postponing until I could achieve that. After all, you only do it once (hopefully)

There’s a certain flourish to your posting style Canadian. Do you own a Ferrari?

It’s just stupid to organise a big wedding atm. 

 Lots of people have been asking my advice on international  flights etc. I can normally tell them but I always caveat with the really serious comment that what applies when they take off may very easily not apply when they land.  Same applies to any COVID related restriction.

I am in the middle of organizing a big art exhibition in October where we can only have 600 people at a time in the venue due to restrictions. I am totally prepared for the whole thing to get cancelled at 12 hours notice.

To me the gathering was more about getting both of my divorced parents and spouses, nieces/nephews, siblings and inlaws-to-be all in the same place at the same time. Very difficult when families are getting older (early 70s for my parents) and have poor health (inlaws family are all morbidly obese) - I think it was a once in a lifetime chance to get everyone together and memories would last a lifetime. It was an expensive cost I was willing to bear.

But covid has changed things permanently for us, the elderly and the obese are hardly going to take risks until a vaccine is found (if ever) - so the gathering won't happen, at least on the same scale sadly. 

Pingu - not taking the bait :) 

Fair enough Canadian. Whereabouts in Canada are you from?

I'm glad that most of my family/friends' weddings happened pre- covid 

Good to see you back Tecco. Decent new persona too

Just drove past my local church and there was a little smiling group posing for the post wedding photos.  They looked pretty happy and suspect they’ll be off to someone’s garden for a gathering that is definitely not a wedding reception.