The way that 'mothers' always fair better in divorce and child cusotdy proceedings

How do you think the courts would treat a family where the stress of the breakdown ad caused the 'father' to realise his true identity as a woman and a mother? 

Errrr.  Judges don’t like weirdos who make stuff up.

Mothers usually fare "better" in divorce proceedings because they are more likely to have made career sacrifices to be the primary carer for the children. So it would rather depend on the facts.

Wot Lady Penelope says.  

It also depends on your definition of "better".  More time with the kids - great.  But more financial commitments, less free time, expectation that you will be the parent to take time off when the child is sick as you are the primary carer, etc.

Depends what is better. Paid more than half our assets and solely support the children and he doesn't choose to have them. Is that better?  (I earn more)


If you earn 10x your husband and you both work full time that is the gender neutral nature of English family law.

Maybe you just got a really duff settlement Lydia.  Did you do the legals yourself?

I thought the starting point for divorce was equal division of assets unless there was a good reason for unequal division.

The total amount Lydia paid to her husband on divorce isn't terribly informative in itself unless we know how much she kept herself.

Yes, we need to know more about Lydia’s divorce. She has always been remarkably reticent on the subject to date.

As with all divorces, we've heard one side of it.

If this actually happened then it would cause significant "concerns" to CAFCASS and they would recommend supervised contact and work to be done with the children for them to handle the stress of their father's new identity.

If the father in the OP (in "  " for some reason) is in fact a man, then his true identity, if different, would not be as a woman and a mother, it would be as a man who wishes to identify as female.  There is no way on earth that the father of children is one day their mother, however much he may profess to identify as such.   

After the LPC I did actually work as a temp secretary for a lawyer who was acting for a client in exactly that situation. (The soon to be ex husband was undergoing a sex change.) I'd forgotten about that.

Kimmy how dare you say that the transitioning parent cannot be these children's mother?

Well I suppose logically if the children of a lesbian couple have two mothers, the children of a woman and a man who has since transitioned to a woman have two mothers as well.

The father would be a woman innit (see how Caitlyn Jenner is referred to)

Mmm yeah I suppose she is still the one who provided the sperm, unlike either of the lesbian mothers.


It all makes me so confused that I've lost track of the terminology.  A lot of trans activists are extremely nasty, aggressive people who sue you or report you to the police for getting anything wrong.  So let's be careful.  

BUT don't they draw a distinction between gender (which you can re-assign) and sex (which is determined by gestational development, at birth and physical development up to and beyond puberty).  

So a person who grew up as a man is always of male sex but can become a transitioned person of female gender who remains of male sex.  

Have I got this right ?