This was genuinely good investigative work from the Mail

why are you blaming the government?

the punishments for these crimes need to be very harsh.

Out of interest, what is it that the British government should do to stop Indians using telephones in India to call Britain?

Albeit Indians who haven’t done their research and who appear to be threatening British people for non payment of their ‘federal’ taxes.

There are lots of things they can do to stop fraud from overseas (which the Americans work on quite well but we don't because we're a Brexit jokeshop run by private schoolboys who don't even pretend not to be dumb and insubstantial any more).

(No offence strutter)

So tell us just three that could be done here then.

As there are ‘lots’.

Ok - obviously there are ‘lots’ but as you seem to be having difficulty naming three, shall we say just two.

But to earn this reduction you have to tell me the private boys schools that Theresa May, Philip Hammond, Sajid Javid and Amber Rudd attended.

People in the US are being absolutely plagued by these calls, it's much more of a problem there than it is here. 

I get calls from Manchester every friggin single day - blocking the numbers doesn't seem to make any difference - can we clamp down on the Mancs?

So, about the ‘things’ you were going to list for us.

save me from reading the Fail link; do the indian call centre workers on this and the BT scam and all the others actually KNOW that they're scamming people? or are they hired to do a job and trained on the script in the same way as regular call centre workers who have no real link to the business they're flogging? I occasionally feel bad for the scrotes doing the BT one bcause people must be so consistently rude to them in the knowledge it's a scam - but do thy just think all Brits are fucking rude when all they're trying to do is help them fix a dodgy internet connection?

they are filmed laughing about it and mocking the victims

"once they are scared they will pay up"

agreed re feeling bad but I don't think BT ever legitimately phone you up like that

strutter I don't think you appreciate how completely boring you are

probably the most boring poster

I am not posting at you because you are more boring than just doing some work

Thank you for the insult as it confirms that you  have literally nowhere else to go in defending your earlier statements.

On behalf of the board I accept your implied apology for talking unsupported rubbish.

there are lots of things they can do in terms of working with the Indian government, working with telephone companies, improving security relating to international communications, awareness raising in terms of who might phone you from a number that looks like an HMRC number.

You don't get spam emails any more because there is technology to filter them all out.

I know this because I have worked on cases involving the victims of scams. It is too late by then. The British Government doesn't see this as a priority. Sometimes the victims kill themselves. They don't really care.

You are an utterly boring and pointless and unappealing person and I can see exactly why you need to be supercilious here, in a place where some people with very low self esteem tell you that you are great.

now if you will excuse me I think that everyone should change seats before the main course

to mingle, you understand, nothing personal

So, some very generic things listed there.

All of which are being done to some extent or another.

But let’s talk about the specific things that the government is failing to do which makes them so ‘shit’?

And thanks again for the insults, it is such an easy way of keeping track of when you are rattled and have nothing of substance to say.

"probably the most boring poster"

This is a bold statement, given the monumental competition for the accolade.

I know, dux, I know. But the others generally have mitigating features like well meaning daftness or hilarious psychosis.


"All of which are being done to some extent or another."

Strutter, as a leading expert in this field, could you please set out what is being done by the Government "to some extent or another" for each of the things Clergham mentioned? Chz.

Ive had a few of late. Either a recorded message telling me that HMRC are about to arrest me, or that BT are about to stop my broadband imminently. Depending on my mood, I may press 1 to connect.... usually when they answer they ask how they can help.... I usually reply as such..... "Why do you asian people have such small penises and like having sex with your cousins"... That usually results in them immediately terminating the call!

I feel as though that is the sort of thing that could get you ironically reported to the police for malcious comms

If this is the scam I think it is it's obvious from the first moment that it's a scam because the automated message from HMRC has an American accent rather than a British regional accent and they also don't say they're from HaitchMRC.  I did one press one to speak to an agent out of interest and nothing happened so it's a bit half arsed.

I had a load of call from Manchester when I was on holiday last week and ignored all of them.  Now it appears they're a scam I'll keep ignoring them.

So Strutter, just waiting for your list of things being done "to some extent" by the Government.


Taking advantage of the elderly and confused.  Not nice.

This is strange.

Strutter was harassing Clergham for answers and yet he's nowhere to be seen. Must be on holibobs, I guess.

Yes I mean it's not like the answer to that question is obvious to anyone with half a brain and an interest in cyber fraud.

I've had the 'We are about to cancel your BT broadband account' one, via a convincing looking email. You dig into who the actual sender was and its nothing to with BT. Scam.

These people are utter, utter scumbags.

I had a chat to the once just to see where it would go.  Nasty, threatening, high pressure and using enough big words and jargon to sound credible the credulous.

Someone I know had a form of dementia which made him (a highly intelligent man in his time) very vulnerable.  Several times he almost got roped into such things.  And a fair portion of victims must be elderly who are too embarrassed at their naivete to come forward once they realise they've been had.

Awful people.

Check your contact preferences with HMRC. Tax is fairly important to most people, makes sense you know how they will get in touch. To the extent this is unclear to the v aged or vulnerable then ffs tell them so they're protected. And breathe.

The vast, vast majority of people have no contact preferences with HMRC because they either pay no tax at all or pay through PAYE.

Many of the people they get do owe genuine tax debts.

Demented people have this whole thing where they can't remember what you told them. Kind of the deal with dementia.

So it is a big problem that needs to be remedied at the governmental level.

Hey Strutter, when you have a moment, could you please respond to the posts at:

1539 on 18 March; 1245 on 19 March; 0751, 1041 and 1049 on 20 March; and 1155 on 21 March?

I know you're busy, but Clergham might think you're just happy to bully her but want to avoid answering questions yourself (I know, crazy eh?)


Wow. This is getting strange now; still no word from Strutter. 

why are these people using phones to communicate? is it the 1700s? why are they not skyping the relatives and emailing the banks?

"why are these people using phones to communicate? is it the 1700s?"

Yes, must be, because the telephone was so widely used in the 1700s.


The movement was said to be named after Ned Ludd, an apprentice who allegedly smashed two stocking frames in 1779 and whose name had become emblematic of machine destroyers.

Yes, stocking frames aren't telephones, m8. To be clear, the telephone did not exist in the 18th cent.

but the irrational urge to cling to antiquated technology did

I can point you to a good youtube on the subject if you want to learn more about the luddites, it's a fascinating area

it's really no trouble, they say ignorance is the cancer of the soul

and I wouldn't want you to have soul cancer

how would you walk!

it's really no trouble, they say ignorance is the cancer of the soul

and I wouldn't want you to have soul cancer

how would you walk!

I was on the receiving end of this attempted scam last month.  I had previously read about the set-up, and the fact they spoof the HMRC 0330 number.

Obviously the complete give-away is that they were calling me on a Saturday morning and there's no chance HMRC are making outbound calls on a weekend, no matter how much you owe them!