Was Brian Aldridge badly advised to plead guilty?

(Obviously I'm not a criminal lawyer) but how was he convicted (alright apart from the fact that he pleaded guilty) of offences which weren't in force when the contamination took place?

I am raaaaging about this


He is facing financial ruin either way. FFS Roll the dice


A decent defence should at the very least give him a fighting chance of a not guilty 


i suspect this this is one of those “advice” from Defra issues that means that the script will go with Pleading Guilty 


*and breathe*

I’m catching up with past episodes and will see what occurs. I assume this is a good old fashioned dilemma where his wife has told him to choose between telling the truth and her loyalty whereas he feels there is a technical case the prosecutor may struggle to prove and he would like to test. But he will acquiesce to her and then plead guilty and get the full rap. Shock all round. 

This thread is fantastic as script dialogue if you imagine/read it charged with sexual chemistry and as if taking place between Abbey and a young Thai gentleman in a bar very near the West End.

I am not commenting on the Archers, as you all ignore my threads

C'mon, Abbey - open up to us...

*scatters the below in mustard leaves*


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One would certainly put one's fish in his backlit aquatic grandfather clock tank with matching Ming cutlery..

I hadn't heard he was convicted but I knew he was pleading not guilty. What a mess.

No, he was going to, but he pleaded guilty, got a 120k fine plus had to pay costs