Warmest room in your house

My basement bathroom is fucking sweltering. I almost just fell asleep sitting on the bog.


My front room fucking Baltic. I hate sash windows, might as well have them replaced with cling film and foxs mints 



The warmest room is the spare room, where the hot water pipes run from the boiler to th rest of the house, under the floor.  I quite often find the cats sprawled on top of where the pipes run.

Downstairs study.

Insulated by books. Lovely Persian rugs. Only one external wall. Big radiator.


I grew up in a 1930s house, with the original windows, and was always cold. Contrast to now where our house is a mid 90s build and it's sooooo warm in comparison. Warmest room is definitely the living room. There's usually a cat sprawled across a radiator.

Downstairs loo. Smallest room in the house, inexplicably massive radiator. 

Struts do you have an upstairs study? 


If So what are you studying that requires so many rooms?

Depends which one of my neighbors turns up their heat up most.

Life Bam... ...he studies life from the upstairs and downstairs point of view.

Upstairs study is lady strutter’s but I do use it when she is not around, particularly in the summer as it is lighter than the downstairs study.

Struts blatantly has a room full of maps from the 30s and a big stick for moving around tanks and troops

My parents have one of those houses where it depends on which way the wind is blowing.

My flat like PP's depends to a large extent on how high my downstairs neighbours have set their heating.

My office is in the loft. Gets so hot in the summer but have a lovely view of the park 



Sails for a middle aged man every other post you make is about your parents. Stop being a deck shoed man child wanker 

I'm an only child Bam and they're old so I spend more time with them currently than I do with my friends.

It is as this is my chosen venue for venting about related matters.  Suck it up princess.

To be fair it’s not so much a venting as a slight exhale. You should call bam a khunt. He is one and you might feel better. 

To be fair it’s not so much a venting as a slight exhale. You should call bam a khunt. He is one and you might feel better. 

At the moment, all rooms. This is the time of year that my downstairs neighbour goes to New York for five weeks for work, leaving his heating running at full. God bless him. 

we've just had all our sash windows replaced with lovely new double glazed undraughty new ones that actually work and open and close and stuff

it's made a massive difference