War with Iran
Donny Darko's … 01 Jul 19 10:39
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This is happening right?  Bombing the sh1t out of an Islamic country will give Trump's base a massive hard on and getting his base out in massive force is surely his best chance of winning the election. Do we think he is just waiting for Boris to be in No 10 so he has a useful idiot to join him in it before he pushes the button?

I shouldn't have thought so. Most of Trump's supporters are quite isolationist and that seems to be his inclination too. Yet another foreign war won't please anyone, except maybe the hawks in the Democratic Party.

Are there many of these democrats pushing for war with Iran then dux?

i don’t suppose you could help us out with the names of 2 or 3 of the more prominent ones?

I never knew John Bolton is a democrat. Anyway, it’s 3dux...

Ooh look it's RoF's resident liberal-Lefty agitator. I tell you what, Strutter, when you answer my question on the other thread, I'll answer this on eh?

That’s the first time i’ve been called a liberal left agitator. Particularly as I am a life long conservative voter.

Which other thread?

Rhamnousia 18 Mar 19 07:09

This was genuinely good investigative work from the Mail


The British government is being so shit on this.


strutter18 Mar 19 08:27

Out of interest, what is it that the British government should do to stop Indians using telephones in India to call Britain?


Rhamnousia18 Mar 19 08:39

There are lots of things they can do to stop fraud from overseas (which the Americans work on quite well but we don't because we're a Brexit jokeshop run by private schoolboys who don't even pretend not to be dumb and insubstantial any more).

(No offence strutter)


strutter18 Mar 19 08:59

So tell us just three that could be done here then.

As there are ‘lots’.


strutter18 Mar 19 09:50

So, about the ‘things’ you were going to list for us.


strutter18 Mar 19 10:00





Rhamnousia18 Mar 19 10:02

strutter I don't think you appreciate how completely boring you are

probably the most boring poster


Rhamnousia18 Mar 19 10:09

there are lots of things they can do in terms of working with the Indian government, working with telephone companies, improving security relating to international communications, awareness raising in terms of who might phone you from a number that looks like an HMRC number.

You don't get spam emails any more because there is technology to filter them all out.

I know this because I have worked on cases involving the victims of scams. It is too late by then. The British Government doesn't see this as a priority. Sometimes the victims kill themselves. They don't really care.

You are an utterly boring and pointless and unappealing person and I can see exactly why you need to be supercilious here, in a place where some people with very low self esteem tell you that you are great.


strutter18 Mar 19 10:17

So, some very generic things listed there.

All of which are being done to some extent or another.


3-ducks18 Mar 19 15:39

"All of which are being done to some extent or another."

Strutter, as a leading expert in this field, could you please set out what is being done by the Government "to some extent or another" for each of the things Clergham mentioned? Chz.


3-ducks19 Mar 19 12:45

So Strutter, just waiting for your list of things being done "to some extent" by the Government.



3-ducks20 Mar 19 07:51

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3-ducks20 Mar 19 10:49

-->This is strange.

Strutter was harassing Clergham for answers and yet he's nowhere to be seen. Must be on holibobs, I guess.

3-ducks22 Mar 19 12:38

Hey Strutter, when you have a moment, could you please respond to the posts at:

1539 on 18 March; 1245 on 19 March; 0751, 1041 and 1049 on 20 March; and 1155 on 21 March?

I know you're busy, but Clergham might think you're just happy to bully her but want to avoid answering questions yourself (I know, crazy eh?)


3-ducks01 Jul 19 11:01

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I doubt war with Iran is on the cards, maybe some missiles lanched from ships or subs off shore. Russia and china are too close to Iran for any sort of ground invasion (and where the fuck would you lanch from? Iraq?) plus the terrain is at least as bad as Afghanistan so tanks and APCs are gonna stuggle against the fanatical nutters in the RG. 

That said, Trump has no concept of consequences so he might kick something off just because he thinks it'll give him a poll boost. Doubt much of his base seriously cares about Iran though as a top 5 issue though they do like to see Trump looking strong on the world stage. 

A thread from March that I clearly didn’t see even then?


You are one hell of a tragic individual.

Especially when I point you to the website of ActionFraud that will give you all the information you need in response to your question.

Your turn to name prominent democrats who support war in Iran.

You literally want me to post articles from that site explaining what is being done about telephone fraud onto this site?

You really are deeply sad.


Why didn't you respond Strutter old chap?  Maybe you could put that right now?

Ground invasion is clearly not the cards any time soon. But I wouldn't put it past trump to launch a few 'surgical strikes' on nuclear facilities and I definitely wouldn't put it past Iran to retaliate with missiles against US troops in the region if that happens and then....

Iran has been preparing for a war with the US forty years. The current US administration can't send a tweet without it being full of typos.


Even the biggest Iran hawks in the US have to realise what a truly awful idea it is to be going to war with Iran now.

It is their own inherent feeling of sexual inadequacy. A well adjusted, self-confident person doesn't need to so overtly display hero worship.


Right-wingers never ever have BDE.

Did you know the super duper hawk Bolton is a draft dodger? And used to work for Kirkland and Ellis

I do find the insult "draft dodger" a bit odd tbh.  I get that it is apposite when talking about old warmongering fcks like trump but is it ok (a) for people like those above who were too young (even supes i think) to be drafted; or (b) those (like me i freely admit) who think not going to vietnam by whatever means was a fcnkg good life choice; to use it?


I would only ever use is as an epithet when discussing someone who advocates for going to war.