Wang, at your college

was there a guy either in your year or the year above who had to leave (he read Classics) bc he set fire to his room?

Wasn't Vulcan the Roman God of fire? Perhaps it was some sort of ritual.

there was a guy, dave, who got rusticated (sp?) for a year but i think that was a drugs thing.


there was another guy who accused the whole rugby team of pooing in his draw one night (i an accoun for 4-15 but fuck knows re front row)

Was it the chap who Rev Spooner had sent down on the next town drain for fighting liars in the quad?

He had funky hair and i am lead to believe he dressed to the left.

tbf it was much better to take a pause for that than the other fckrs (not me i wasnt allowed in the club for being too common) but they did bad things

Reading Classics = eminently sensible;

Setting fire to your room = notsomuch