Walking around talking

Why in the world does anyone in an open plan office just walk around having conversations that last upwards of 20 minutes and then don't even lead to any kind of conclusion?! We have perfectly good meeting rooms for god's sake.

It's so inconsiderate.

I find it almost viscerally irritating whilst trying to concentrate. It's like having someone poke you in the eye at random intervals throughout the day.

I suppose I'm surrounded by power tools and industrial equipment....I must be able to orchestrate some kind of industrial 'accident' to befall some of these people...

Like a CNC machine malfunctioning. Or a falling crane squashing someone....

I do this. Worse though, I do this on my mobile with headphones. I don't know why and I I am so unaware of my walking, that often I find myself fecking miles from my desk by the end of the call! I apologise unreservedly.

Doesn’t happen in Norway. Strict code of silence in the open plan office, if you want to talk or have a video call, you go into the little call rooms which are dotted about

I’m just surprised by the number of people in so many offices who seem not to realise that this is hugely distracting to others and makes their jobs more difficult.

I actually also find sitting near people eating crisps loudly, and especially eating apples to be a unique form of torture.

It’s like trying to do a sudoku with a horse munching inches from your head

 Management presumably thinks this makes the workforce more collegiate, enabling you to reach out and bond with your fellow workers. "Workers seem to like it"

Rather than just another cheap,  money saving scam idea imported from America 

Do 'top' management work in this environment ?

I'll shortly be entering this world of hell which Wellers describes, as the office goes "agile". A very amusing chappie came in yesterday to tell us about how it works and show us pictures from Norwegian offices, with smiley people in bright-coloured "booths".

Trade managers and Directors have their own offices but they also have presumably quite delicate calls with eg clients etc.

I suppose it does help you learn more about different areas of the business and if I could help out in some novel way I might suggest it but usually I just think 'please go away I'm trying to concentrate on this thing and you are ruining my serene flow with your pitter patter'

I asked someone doing this to go and talk somewhere else yesterday.  They looked quite put out.

I'll have my own "pod" if I choose. Honestly, is this what I've come to? A couple of years ago I had my own office with my own armchairs, meeting table, fitted wardrobe, and decanter of sherry. Now I'll be inhabiting a Strutter-like pod. My life's going backwards.