The Walk of Shame bit in GoTs

Should TM have to do this if her deal doesn't go through?

Let the readers decide.

would rather send the traitor Boris Johnson through myself

I do not know what this is but assume it is horrible

What Clergs said.

It's depressing that Theresa May is going to take most of the blame for this.

Personally I would not want to watch either Bojo or TmPm walk the streets tats oot.


only up to the red wedding and then I was like "this is horrible and I hate everyone in it and if I wanted those feelings I would watch the news or look in a mirror"

like, there's no warming core of moral purpose

and I suspect George RR Martin is a turbo wrongun

I watched up to season 4 and then got bored. There's only so much "people getting killed in graphic ways and sometimes there's dragons" I can watch before I lose interest.

cmon tho wang you must admit it got a bit same old

and the whole time I was just thinking "isnt that guy embarassed to have written all this wrong stuff??"

It is the best show ever on telly ever.

But yes, I will concede that George double-arse is wronger than montie riding your nan

That is a very wrong thing indeed. Are they both reading books of laz political predictions just to make it extra super wrong?

Septa Unella (Hannah Waddingham) 

And yes, she really is.  A huge luvvie mind.

The Battle of the Bastards will undoubtedly be the high point.  The battle against the dead will I suspect be dogpoo all CGI and dragons bollocks.

She was on that after show thing with Sue Perkins and was wibbling on about her ‘craft’ etc in relation to acting.  Seemed like a real Emma Thompson type.  Massively wood tho ofc, gorgeous lady.