Wales v England

Could be the 6 Nations decider?

As an Englishman, I worry a bit that it might well be the one we trip up on this year.

Wales sub-par performance against Italy might well give them a kick, whereas we risk coming in slightly over-confident.…



Could be the decider, although Wales still have to play Ireland. 

should be a corker of a match.  nice balance of teams in different phases of development.

Could v easily go Wales' way.

All we would have to do is lift the foot off the accelerator just a tiny bit.

It's a properly hostile place to go as an away team too.  probably second only to Murrayfield in jan/feb

Too close to call, but I do worry that our lack of discipline may play into England's hands.  

Reckon England will go with the kicking game again or is Eddie just faking the Welsh out and it'll be an up the jumper number?

Don't see EJ wanting to enter a kicking battle against biggar and halfpenny.  And hthe mind games started already when he referred to this team as Wales' greatest ever side.  Heh.

Most successful in consecutive matches maybe but the 70s team probably want a word with him.  Not to mention the Shane Williams era!

I think the Welsh will win this. Owain Ap Taff always gets up for games against the English

Wellers, you have a point and it's in The Principality Stadium which must be a psychological advantage for Wales

Seconded on the Barry John, JPR, Gareth Edwards, JJ, Phil Bennett, Derek Quinnell era

I dunno, both are decent teams.  But it’s a really good England side versus a pretty good wales side.  I think a lot will depend on who turns up for it on the day over any major differences in skill.  That said, we have gaps in our team that are definitely not occupied by ‘great’ players so that weakness could prove our undoing.

It seems to me it's a battle of coaches.  and eddie has that little twinkle back in his eye.  there will be a plan.

I really hope I am wrong but I think Wales will bottle it and England looked bloody strong against France. As others said though it is at home and the crowd will be going absolutely fvcking mental. I am seriously jealous of anyone with tickets! 

Any significant injuries for either side from the weekend? 

Wot Ceiling Cat said. Mystic Gwenners has a bad feeling about it.

And Eddie Jones is being disingenuous. There is no way this Welsh team is better than the god-like team of the 1970s.

Any significant injuries for either side from the weekend? 

Mako limped off. Hope he is ok as we will need him against the taffy mcleek faces

Did God play at 9?  That's where I would put him.  John the B at 10.  you'd probably have Jesus and David on the wings.  Joseph (non coat) and Isiah in the centre.  pack is harder to pick but i'd have goliath of gath as loosehead and soloman as my cheeky biblical number 2.  eziekiel as number 3.  then you'd want a back 5 of joseph (coat) at 7, the big fellas of St john the devine and Jarrod the nobbly in the second row and mark at no 8

  I I see Judas as no. 6.

Ok so we are calling big mike and gabe the dude in on the wing which moves joseph not coat and isiah out of the first pick for jesus and david in the centre.  

will jesus be strong enough for the upfront battle of a 12?

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse would make a decent second row and flankers.  Esp. if they actually turned up on their horses. 

pestilence would make a cracking 7 tbf so that's joseph (coat) out.

we havent even discussed noah, ham sham and japeth or moses yet

Shouldn't some of those be playing for the team in red, alongside Herod, the Pharoah, Delilah etc..?

Wang you seem to be missing Samson, Esau and Simon of Cyrene as a backrow for the ages.

Peter the rock in the centres with Paul.

Judas 'chariots' iscariot on a wing.