Viscountess Weymouth's lady garden

in the second photo of Emma Weymouth, you can not only see her knickers but also her bikini wax! surprise

You can tell your computer get infected as it's apparently now posting pr0n.

Who on earth is she anyway?! (other than being, presumably, Lord Weymouth 's wife)

Kitty Spencer is truly gorgeous.

Finally, the answer to why Judo has not pinned down her billionaire.

Judo: come home with me, Mr B. You can not only see my knickers but also my bikini wax! 

Mr B: *comes home with Judo. Sees her knickers. Does not see her bikini wax. Is disappointed and leaves.*

Duckie, she's the daughter-in-law of the Marquess of Bath (he of the wifelets fame)

dux, but Kitty Spencer has had so much work done! Cheek and lip fillers as a start. 

Cressida Bonas ONTH looks beautiful. 

Cressida is pretty. I used to vaguely know her (?) half brother I suppose it was.