Virtual RoF Drinks by Zoom?

Anyone want to set this up?

Good call. Bit short notice for tonite but maybe next Friday?  You woul need to get nonnymails to send the invitations.  

Or I could post the meeting ID and a nonny, then people would have to ask for the password?

Good plan.  Soft market test next week and if there is interest we are good to go.

Are they even more boring than you if you're roffing?!!  xxx

Are you in, Pingu?


Sorry for being mean Sails, you know I can't help myself.

If you're joining we might have to do a weekend!  Or not tell our employers we are drinking at lunchtime.

PS Tell Boykl I miss him

PPS Happy Belated birthday xxx

Thank Stix! Mum had us over for a Sunday birthday lunch, then on Monday the social distancing rules tightened, so we got in just in time. 

Boykl says *Hi* and hopes you're not going stir crazy x


Mate, I have been a single old spinster for so long I was born for this!!  Everyone is worried about me being on my own but I am so ok with this I feel guilty.  

Has Boykl watched The Test?  I haven't yet but everyone is recommending it to me so I gather it's good.  I don't think it's anti-Aussie but I haven't actually checked x

No, he hasn't watched it yet.

GTG sweetie - walking the dog and then off to the socially distanced modified hairdressers.


Ok i will remind on Thursday.  Gonna be fun catering for so many time zones! 

You can set up a zoom and post the joining deets on here. No need for anyone's nonnies. 

Happy to sort it but I have the cheapo zoom which restricts to 40 mins. Can always set up a second one after. 

Great work! Please announce to the board next Thursday.

So what I said?  Well done, thanks for your input, very helpful.  Over to you!

Jesus fucking christ, I bet you are a partner somewhere aren't you?

Ah. My bad. You go for it Stixta. Not a partner but have to deal with fucking loads of them... I do try to listen. Got excited here and cut you up. Go for it

Whomever does it I am sure many osolat3d roffers will be most grateful.  

If Mistress Stix can keep it up for more than 40 minutes that would be preferable tbf.

Nice one stixta. Would DM you but that is a bit hot tubby.

Here there lovely peeps. If you set it up I’ll see if me and Badders can join - it’d be lovely to see you all! X

I got the pro subscription yesterday for my box set date with college boy so could host if you want more than 40 mins x

how does this work? So I imagine Id be here on my laptop looking at several 2 inch by two inch squares who'll all be talking at the same time or perhaps theres a private chat facility (somewhat defeating the object)

I cant see this working, at best youll get one or two dominating and the rest sitting in front of their webcams watching.

Really youd need someone chairing / organising 

Also I gather a big part of real RoF drinks is to get off with someone, so with that aspect gone as well I dont see the point. Another point is youll all have to be very guarded about what you say / how you behave in case the footage ends up in the public domain

I guess there might be some novelty for those who already know each other and like this kind of thing

But Im sorry Brian I wont be investing and Im out

Blue Iguana sorry if your name is actually Brian, I have no idea who you are 

Meh... very sensible of you. Post joining details on ROF if you please.

Going to be a hard sell to the missus this one. Yeah got drinks with a bunch of lawyers I've never met off the interweb etc etc. Wife: stares...

Well it's just an idea and we won't know how good it is until we try it.  

Do we need to put pants on?

(I'm no longer getting them pressed.)

What night is this happening, if it is happening...

 no one wants their fingerprints on this (what will be a very entertaining) car crash!

I am proposing 6pm BST tomorrow for this.  Anyone volunteering to set up? Stix?

Isn't Meh setting this up?


I will be there with a glass of fizzy wine

OK I have been busy so not checking the board.  If so all well and good. 

OK I have been busy so not checking the board.  If so all well and good. 

its not going to happen, its tantamount to outing yourself

doesnt sound great regardless, lot of goody goodies cracking terrible jokes and pretending they care about each other and probably some desperado who no-one knows

not having a go at you Iggy but its just my idea of how things would play out

Er rof drinks happen.  I may have only been three times but Tom they happen and peeps know who peeps is.

so why all the worry about outing people on the board

are you going to be happy attending virtual rof drinks with the footage being in the public domain

you wont be able to do or say anything inappropriate 

wheres the fun in that?

it sounds positively Orwellian

even if it is just stix an I, it will be a great evening

Stix do you want to come for a virtual RoF drink with me via email? Just the two of us. It'll be great Stix. Just like the Zoom thing but without the video feature, or the voice

You can do that already it called a Skype / Whatsapp etc video call

Gosh.  That sounds fun.

I'm not into bumming, will that be a problem?

That was the old me Stix. I can assure you your bumhole will be completely safe.

The virtual thing is a nice idea, but if that Tom Atomic character is anywhere near it I am not.

Chambo fuck off you upset Stix enough last night with your creepy weirdness

Chris, did you offer to bum Chambo?  He doesn't seem to like you.

No but I made him look like a bit of an arse on here about 10 years ago and apparently he was actually crying about it an actual RoF drinks

He's never been able to get over it

Not true Cabby boy. I threatened to put your taxi up on breeze blocks and set fire to it if you ever came near me. As for you, go run crying to yo' mama. You are a fake.

That about sums it up.

Fake in what way Chambo? Anyway I think you better calm down you'll get yourself in a stew for another ten years

The character Chris is one of the more amusing posters on here.

He’s probably a hedge fund manager on a windup.  

Oh, sorry I missed that update. What are you getting up to now?

Professionally absolutely nothing atm. How about you?

I remain keen. I never attended a RoF actual drinks as I fled London for Wales many, many years ago. Could be a laugh. 6pm BST tomorrow works. 

Ps.. I did email Stix about hot tubs a week ago. Not sure if anyone got closer to volunteering a meeting invite/ID?

Ps... I'd attend just to meet Teclis. Feel like I know you somehow. Could be a Welsh thing. 

Errrr... so I thought this was tonight but had died a death. And I can't  donate my zoom account tomorrow night as it's already spoken for. Soz!

I can do one. 40 mins then a recharge needed. Cheapo inhouse zoom account. 


Anyone got a non-cheapo version. If not I'll post details here for 6pm tomorrow 

Oh fuck I never even looked at my nonnymail.  Sorry, I just looked I will reply.

Well I am sat on my balcony drinking rum and coconut juice if that counts?  Seems nobody set up a Zoom meeting.

I've just been exercising so I've certainly earned a drink.

Sorry inhousehero, I didn’t have plans to attend this, a few people would probs prefer me not to and I have a guest with me anyway.

Ok it's finished.  Good fun actually.  Thanks to Phoebe C for organising and blindtom for attending.

Sorry I missed this, particularly now I have some insider knowledge!  Hello Iggy, I hope you are well x

Damn. Missed it. Well done Phoebe for sorting. Next time. Bet you are all gutted to miss me. Hi Tecco.

I am tech stoopid so with some guidance for the next one I shall be there.  Well done to those who made it.

Hello Stix.  I asked Phoebe to text you to join but appaz you had already determined it was going to be mostly wierdos.  You were only 33% right😋

That and, as I told her, I haven't showered today and am not fit for public viewing.

Neither had i. And I haven't shaved for ages.  But hey ho, we had a virtual tour of each other's apartments (mine looks like a bombsite due to toddler infestation).  Tom showed off his jeans.