Valentines Day Plans

I am having a boy over to flat for a fourth date. I shall be making dinner (M&S dine in thing) then loads of snogging

Cards, snogs, cuddles and bonking on the actual day.


Dinner, more snogs, cuddles and yet more bonking on Friday.

grumps.   I have been properly single for about a decade.  I going to fucking die a spinster. :(

Apart from quizzing and coming to the gangbang afterwards, yeah?


where is the quiz again and what do I need to revise?

Heh - the Punch Tavern at the far east end of Fleet Street (Blackfriars is the nearest station).  Quiz starts at 7.30, but most turn up at around 6.30-ish.  I'll be wearing a black pinstriped suit and a navy overcoat and generally looking like a silver fox.  Well - probably stood next to a silver fox, anyway. 


What do you need to revise?  Music intros, history, science and nature, current affairs, celebrity gossip That sort of thing.  It's general knowledge.  Plus most of us are distinctly average at quizzes!

On holiday having dinner with the friends that we usually have dinner with when we are there for Valentine’s Day plus another couple


on oldRof the first 6 responses (all within 90 seconds) would have been ‘alan’

I going to fucking die a spinster.

Being single isn’t a death. It’s just a different life. Stop being so melodramatic.  

Given where you're coming from dusty, that advice seems very hard to swallow.

FWIW, my plans will be pretty much the same as most years... send a bunch of roses "anonymously" to my mum and my 86 year old pseudogran and do the same sorts of things I did the day before and the day after. Except I have a date the day after so it wont' quite be the same.

I am going to a charity event for stressfully engaged young people but afterwards hope for at least one glass of fizz

Have bought a pun card which I will appreciate more than recipient

Prob trying to avoid the crowds, the overpriced food and the enforced shmaltz. Prob cook something at home and chillax in front of a film

Absolutely nothing I wouldn’t do on any other day.

Gonna take Piper* on a date to a coastal cottage** I've built up as a secluded romantic getaway for us.

* FAOD yes I am aware that computer game generated characters don't really count but it's all I have to work with.

** Seriously I built that place up so nicely, had to use a shit-ton of concrete to head all the dead Mirelurk bodies that I killed to capture it.

I shall once again enjoy the pitying look from the checkout lady at Waitrose as I buy a meal for one.

I shall be working and then one of the team is hosting us all for dinner that evening, so nothing seedy.

Tom - assume you'll be dropping your car keys in a bowl on arrival?

Rufus as it's a military thing I assume they drop sidearms in the bowl or the like.

I’ll pick up a stray tourist... ...start talking about how the local ski slopes are this year, mention that we could try one of the cross country courses together... ...go for a drink (s) and then ask her back to my place to see my ice collection.

Must be lovely being a lesbian. Comfy flannel shirts, you get to shag girls and as much kd lang as your stereo can take.

fluffy - staistically a lot of the girls must not be lesbians? I remain in awe of your skillz

Given where you're coming from dusty, that advice seems very hard to swallow.

I know, but hear me out. As women living today where we do, we are probably the most independent and free generation there has ever been. We have the most opportunities (Brexit notwithstanding!!!!). We aren't forced to marry or have children. We can have careers and travel and have hobbies and interests, all without answering to anyone. We can spend our money how we like. We don't need Dads or husbands to sign off on our mortgages or tax returns. I get that being in love is important but it is also not everything. I remember SO clearly  when I was serially dating and just gave up on the whole thing because it was just all so utterly wanky. So I just enjoyed being utterly selfish and doing whatever I wanted. It was the best sort of self care. You might meet someone and you might not. But don't waste your time pining after the who knows what when there's other things to do and throw yourself into. And if you throw yourself into something and grab opportunities that come your way (like randomly buying a ticket to a music festival at short notice because why the hell not) you never know who you might meet. But don't hold out Valentines Day as anything other than a big marketing ploy.


Many on here are adept at making straight girls turn to lesbianism, Clergz.

I'm still on the Fyre Festival island waiting for you, dusters.

Please come soon - cannibalism and disease are rife here now.

(Good call generally at 10:27 btw).

On the day - work then tennis lesson and Not thinking about last year's lovedupness

The night before - date

The day after - buying all the lovely reduced heart shaped chocs and red flowers in M&S as per - this the best flower/chocs buying day of the year

The weekend after - enjoying said chocs then exercising them off

Working, wrestling the Nexlette into bed and then collapsing in a heap.  The same as any other Thursday.

To be fair I could buy my meal for one before the day so it's less obvious but I kind of like the ritual of buying it on the day and basically giving a big middle finger to the whole ridiculous thing.

Why not just treat it as any other day and cook something rather than buying a meal for one?

Ignoring it obviously!  Why would anyone buy into this consumerist nonsense?  If my romantic other complains, I will retort that we are not catholic and therefore do not need to celebrate all the saints' days.



all you naysayers just need more romance in your life

Martian that is basically treating it like any other day as it's also pretty obvious from the ingredients you buy that you are also catering for one.  If I buy one of those small packets of mince, an onion and a small tin of tomatoes it's likely that I'm making spag bol for one or possibly two people with small appetites.

Walk past a supermarket on my way go home so prefer to just go fresh every day and get what I fancy at the time.  Actually won't get the pitying look on Thursday as I'm out tomorrow night and Thursday night so won't be shopping on the way home.

Why not buy loads of the ingredients and batch cook, saving you the trouble of needing to cook that again for a while as you just retrieve it from the freezer?

I batch cook spaghetti Bol, chilli, soup, loads of stuff.  I even bought those little aluminium trays with cardboard tops to put them in the freezer.  Can pretend it's a takeaway then!

I'll see if I can get my US colleagues to schedule a conference call mid/late afternoon their time.

Waitrose has a Valentine's Meal Deal for 2 for £20.  I reckon that I can get a week's worth of food from that meal deal.

Tec I've tried that but find I just end up staring into my freezer not fancying any of the things in it and wandering to the supermarket to buy something else.

Chilli always tastes so much better when it's had six months in the freezer to ferment.

JC - good plan. I'm not drinking so the wine would go to waste but starter/ pud/ main and chocs would be put to good use

There are also LOADS of fun new things on this year in London ie Galentine's events/ free pop ups with champers etc if you're looking for something anti_VD to do

Valentines is the one day of the year to be most happy about being single - means you don't have to worry about the toe curling awfulness of the valentines industry milking you so that you can show your "love" to somebody by taking them to a restaurant and eating worse food than usual at higher price or spending £s on tat or  trying to get flowers delivered on the one day of the year everyone is trying to do the same thing.  Fvcking awful.

Or a great excuse to send presents to people anonymously, that being its origin, no? How creepy is that?

Or, Guy C, just do what most couples I know do and either stay in or go out for dins the day after or day before

Most couples don't do that though Maid M, if they did then clearly my issues would not apply.   I tend to agree though that well seasoned couples take a more sensible approach - it is the first year or two that tend to be the worst.

JC - yay

Guy C - I think it just depends on the couple and how nauseating/ oblivious to the rest of humanity there are. I know laods who've NEVER done the in your face we are so wuvved up thing on social media/ in person even wheny fully, Newy Sickeningly Loved Up. Others seem to ram it in your face constantly even after years together *rolls eyes*.

This will be the first time I’ve been single on Valentine’s Day in 28 years. I’m bereft :) 

Wallers! I’m fucking shit. Except today because I AM SEDATED 😬

From the Glasgae / Edin thread but hope it helps some out tomorrow


I was channelling Rabbie Burns, Clergs...

Go no Nor' ae tha' mound

Else ye'll hav' naer' a' scoobie

Tha's nay bonnie oop thaer

Than a wee bit o' boobie

Doon Sooth be tha best

An' stay on tha button

Strook an' betaste

O' tha lamb an' the mutton


sedated with what and how do I get some? are you taking a residential rest? do you have a ready supply of zopiclone? xxx

So what is the after S. Valentine day you feel much better...I do 😘