Valentines (2nd) date

Girl suggested our 2nd date be tomorrow, and claimed not to know that it was Valentine’s Day when I raised an eyebrow. Am I being led into a trap?

Well LP i fear this might accelerate things artificially. First date was great but the timings of this are not ideal at best and suspicious at worst (it’s sadly the only day we can both do)

just go out and have fun and ignore that it's ruddy valentine's day.  

Or leave it until next week. 


Buy your own condoms and do not leave them unattended at any time when not in use

go , have fun, don't over-analyse, and clear your diary for Saturday.


(a) she may have overlooked the fact it's Valentine's and just suggested the next available evening she had; or

(b) you'd better turn up with flowers, a ring and the wedding venue already booked.

Unless you're the kind of wet blanket like Clubbers and his mates who is at risk of finding himself accidentally getting married against his will, I really wouldn't worry about it.

Sails has nailed the toss-up. I’m not overly arsed, I’m just not one to get tied down early.


Phoebe: drinks and then hers (again)

I like having the freedom to leave when I want, rather than having to drop dickish hints for her to

i don't understand the complete mental paralysis people suffer from when it comes to organising activities on 14 Feb. The hype is over-rated. 

Coffers I don’t get drawn into it at all, I’m just wary that she might do 

she might be thinking the same way. just clear it up if you stumble into it

have fun mate

It all sounds incredibly low-effort anyway just have a pot noodle and a wank and then you can watch love island in peace

It's not a trap.  You are vastly overrating your appeal.

oh drinks and hers doesn't sound like a trap

go and enjoy yourself

Update for those who care: she had actually got me a small gift (based on an in-joke) and I felt a bit bad/some fears were confirmed. But it was another great evening/morning

*fires up the sexalertor*

Wooooooop! Wooooooop!

someone has sechsytime!!!!!

Wooooooop! Wooooooop!

Nobody cares, m6.  Not even her. You sound like an egotistical cunt.

Why has nobody roffed the obvious questions?

(1) Dscrb watch;

(2) Did she have an extra toothbrush for you at hers?