Using your legal skills in a different way
Sir Woke XR Re… 27 May 23 17:46
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if you could choose to use your legal skills and qualification in a totally different way, what would it be?

Don't say “Kirkland equity partner because the only point of legal practice is money”. 

Using one's analytical skills to analyse evidence, facts, hypotheses to build a case theory. This is precisely why I read law, not to be biller. A life built in billable hours is no way to live, no way to use (or waste) those skills, that education (regardless of the remuneration).

Ideal for forensic investigation methods for, say, war crimes, environmental class action lawsuits against plcs poisoning our water, our air, cold cases, missing persons, criminal case reviews, intelligence analysis, strategic thinking, think-tanks, consultancies (such as Rand corporation or their equivalents).


Bunluv you have to barge your way into the c-suite where everything is general and others do the detail for you. Paid for being a smart leader not a grinder. 

The issue with being a grinder is that you can be the best person they've got but no one sees what you produce even though it takes more effort and talent to do your job than one higher up the chain. Once you accept that the only question is how to get out. Sorry to say but Laz is an instance. 

Being a leader calls for a dose of ‘fake it ‘til you make it’ - and so having a leadership mindset as gtc says (in different words) is key.  If you wait for someone to tell you that they need you to be a leader - you won’t get there.  It’s something you have to take and then work towards acceptance 

My very first post on ROF and the reason I stumbled here 18 months ago was prompted by the same sort of searching.
Having quit law many years ago mindful of what it had equipped me with, in tandem with a further set of skills (and identification of my weaknesses) I had started to consider my final chapters. 

I still have far too much on my hands with no succession exit route to contemplate this for a while yet. 

I think the solution is accurately identifying your best attribute and the one you enjoy the most.  

Well done Cockpit. I’m slightly envious.