US measles outbreak spreads


 The United States’ worst measles outbreak in a quarter-century spread to Idaho and Virginia last week as public health authorities on Monday reported 41 new cases of the highly contagious and sometimes deadly disease.

The U.S. has recorded 1,022 cases of the diseases this year as of June 6, in an outbreak blamed on misinformation about vaccines, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said.

Federal health officials attribute this year’s outbreak to U.S. parents who refuse to vaccinate their children. These parents believe, contrary to scientific evidence, that ingredients in the vaccine can cause autism.

In between elections anti-vax is apparently one of the most favoured topics for Russian trolls

What, so the Russians aren't just intent on undermining Western democracy, they now literally want to kill children?

I know it makes me a bad human being, but I feel about this the same as I do when I hear about mass shootings in the US - You asked for that you thick twats. 

Mine got jacked up with MMR asap.  Guess what, they've never had measels, mumps or rubella.  I had all 3 and cpox as a nipper.  Mumps was the worst iirc.

There's also some injection they recommend giving to newborns which some loonies reject (cant recall what it is or for now).

I don't think the children did ask for it, Peter.

That's the fella.  Has serge 2.0 landed yet?

I think the Russian goals in anti vaccine are more about getting the populace to doubt and query the official lines on things.

if you doubt the veracity of the CDC on vaccines you also might doubt them and the government on a whole lot of other things. 

Division of the population from the instruments of state control is a propaganda tool and win. 

It may also serve to identify those sections of society which are sufficiently lacking in logical reasoning skills that they should be further targeted for other psy ops activities. 

Indeed Penny, and neither do many of the victims of the shootings.  It's the society which is at fault and deserves the opprobrium I am offering.

The children of antivaccers will carry the dumb fuck gene so in a few generations it should deal with itself. 

I have to admit that one of my first thoughts was "This is more likely to be an issue for Trump supporters, right?"

Not necessarily PP.  Plenty of leftie, hippy anti vaccers out there, it's not just people living in flyover states who kinda wish there was no government at all.

In the UK there is a definitely a big cross over with being into reiki etc. (i.e. being an idiot).

Yeah, I have a friend who votes Tory and runs his own business who is currently embroiled in a legal battle with his hippy dippy tree hugging yoga teaching ex wife about whether their daughter should be vaccinated or not.

Andrew Wakefield is now coupled up with Elle McPherson

theres an influential and rich circle of people pushing this anti vax agenda. 

Theyre happy to rely on here immunity to protect their own little darlings ofc 

It's the sort of supposedly educated divs that support people like Tony Blair (famously noncholant about routine vaccinatiosn ) that are responsbile for this