US Firm Move - fx concerns

Currently considering a move but a bit concerned with the FX rate issue. 

Perfectly happy where I am right now, but the US firm offer pays roughly 35% more and with potential bonuses. However, assuming the pound go up by 10% if Brexit works out well, that would presumbaly decrese the pay as its linked to a free flow USD/GBP exchange rate... after tax it would probably be only a rough 12% raise.

Doesn't seem to be worth it does it?

That's about four times the pay rise I'll get this year so sounds worth it to me if you're just after the cash.

On the other hand if Brexit is a clustervck it could be a 50% pay rise...


Lol @ brexit working out well.

take the dolla now m7

Yeah.  Also remember you won't have a life or any sleep.  

If Brexit is a clusterfvck it could well be a 100% pay cut....

Relative chances obviously depending on security of current job / area / which firm etc. but its a ballsy move to volunteer to be "last in" when a sh1tstorm may be coming.

I did it in '07 (for more than a 12% rise) but not too long after half (actually, rather than in exaggeration) of my department got canned and I ended up as the only one left with less than 18 months service.

I went the other way and moved for a huge pay rise in 2008 but job didn't work out so moved again and then as last in was the first one in 2009.  Should have just stayed where I was in the first place.

Yes, worth emphasising the lack of job security aspect of the whole US gig.

Unless of course you are one of those chaps who did 20 years before the mast at somewhere respectable and then spends the next 10 or so popping from one US firm to another on 2 or 3 year large guaranteed deals topping up the pension.

However, assuming the pound go up by 10% if Brexit works out well, that would presumbaly decrese the pay


*wipes eyes*

You need to get realistic about Brexit m7.

The best you can hope for is some sort of deal that postpones the cliff edge by maintaining the status quo in some sort of transition period.  At best all you're talking about is the end of the beginning.  The only deal on offer sets up new cliff edge moments in a few years time and we will go through all of this at least twice more before it's over.

On top of that, there is nothing approaching a consensus regarding a negotiating framework for future trade talks, unless we  agree to something very close to the status quo they will need a huge building program of roads and facilities for customs operation, they will need to get it past both the Commons and the Lords and they will need to get it ratified by the EU27 (plus a few assemblies).  The EU ratification alone took 2 years for the Canada deal.

What that means is that even if we keep finding ways to extend the transition period uncertainty and instability will drive business and investment away and discourage domestic spending.  It won't be overnight disaster.  It will be death by a thousand cuts.  And half the population will continue to deny they're bleeding until, like the black knight in Monty Python and the Holy Grail, they finally keel over and expire.

Unfortunately do not have 20 years of experience and a following under my belt. 

The majority of my career has been a bull market (08 onwards), and therefore job security had really not been a concern so far. I do transaction that are more linked to market volatility, so hopefully that would be less cyclical. 

So you’re a bit fvcked fhen, soz. Proceed with caution and try to build a practice.