Urgh Edinburgh

"Oooh we've got proclaimers at the castle and sash windows"

It's not a tweeness competition you fucks!

Need to find a non artisinal brekfast cafe now.

Wish me luck, this may take some time

Bath comes close but Edinbro is the middle class wankfest capital of the UK. I love it.

The proclaimers are fucking obnoxiously loud it's obscene


I do wish I was home (though not for the Proclaimers).

"It's not a tweeness competition"

No but if it were, they would boss the 'weegies. Even Surrey would struggle tbh.

World-class twee-mongers, those Edinbughers.

Literally none of the twee is indigenous I can assure u

Dux they'd have to set up a scheemie exclusion zone around the old town to ensure victory.

Shame I didn't see Sumo's post earlier as I could easily found him a non artisanal fry up.

Might have to try and get home for a weekend soon. Will be seen hanging around poncy cafes and bars drinking overpriced beverages made by 'craftsmen' and sneering at tourists.

They have an Ivy now?! Jeebus wept.

Grindlay street if anyone wants to recco something

I nearly bought a flat on Grindlay St. You really are in the business district. Not normally an area I would choose to breakfast in. For non-poncy breakfasts I normally recommend City Café, or somewhere around Leith Walk or New Town, but they are all a bit of a walk from you. If you are around the Grindlay St are this evening later Bread Meats Bread is great for burgers and the Hanging Bat is a fine boozer.

Salthorse on Blackfriars is also great for burgers and beer.

Seconding the City Café. I wouldn't like it in any other city but in Edinburgh it is a grateful refuge from the tartan-shortbread-fudge-industrial-complex.

No offence Edi-roffers.

Stick to the mentalist card Tecco, leave the racisim to elgie and tarquers