Unnecessary movie sequels

One movie too many, flogging a dead horse. You get the idea.


Jason Bourne.

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

Matrix Resurrections.

I actually like the second Ace Ventura....

Sticking with Carrey theme, the Mask sequel.

Any Jaws sequel.

Speed 2 (argh!)

Rocky V.


Somebody asked Michael Caine: 'Have you ever seen Jaws 4?' He said, 'No. But I've seen the house it bought for my mum. It's fantastic"

Inbetweeners The Movie II, had some funny bits (the camp fire scene springs to mind) but massively inferior to the TV series and the first film.

Jason Bourne

hang on presumably you mean the jeremy renner one cause the original trilogy was class from beginning to end

if we’re talking additional sequels then austin powers 3: goldmember

destroyed any goodwill from the first two

except for michael caine weirdly 

there are only two things i can't stand in this world: people who are intolerant of other people's cultures, and the dutch.

Before Midnight—enjoyed Before Sunrise and Before Sunset for different reasons. Maybe I’m just not caught up in my own life as to where the two characters are and therefore feel a bit left out cold.

Bring it On (how did they find enough enthusiasm to make four of them?)

Do we need that many versions of Fast and Furious?


Porpy, I loved Before Midnight! I definitely wasnt at the stage they had reached either (hope I never am), but it was so believable, discomforting, but weirdly reassuring. I've been meaning to watch it again.

Starship troopers 2 was oddly good as a tower defence type movie and probably took guts to make as no stars etc.  3 was truly awful.


Charles III.

I thought the first 2 were shit, so really surprised they went for another TBH. 

Can't see it making any ROI.

Can go along with Grease 2, except for the Michelle Pfeiffer aspect.  How she is stunning in that and Quantumania defies genes.

I liked the Jeremy Renner Bourne. (After all... you know... Rachel Weisz...)

Blade runner 2049

Some of the Roger Moore Bonds were pretty rank.

Just looked up Mean Girls 2 on imdb. 4.1 rating. No one I have heard of except Tim Meadows, the only returning cast member. (Is he playing the same character? Is it the same high school?)

I did find lethal weapon 3 quite a sad experience after immensely enjoying 1 & 2. 

Everything after the first purge was also not much good. First one was great though

Yeah, I quite liked the Renner bourne as well, have to say.

I'd like to add anything Crow related after the first one. 

There is disrespecting and misunderstanding the original, and then there is p*ssing on the grave of the original, taking a dump on it, digging the grave up, feeding it through a blender, setting it on fire, putting it back in the wrong place, and then p*ssing on it again, which doesn't even BEGIN to describe the travesty that is The Crow 2 - 7 or whatever.


All the Alien movies after Aliens.

The Star Wars sequels (i.e. eps. 1, 2, 3 and 7, 8, and 9) were necessary, but they were very badly done. Number 7 not so much so.

Fantastic creatures episode 3. Probably 2 as well.

The Transformers movies. Although the original was unnecessary as well.

Avatar sequels. Although that original was unnecessary too.

The Meg 2.

Gerard Butler's second and third movies about the US Secret Service (something or other down).

Forthcoming horrors: Hunger Games prequel, Twisters, Bad boys, Godzilla vs Kong, Gladiator 2, Bullitt... (Bullitt?!)

Films I'd like to see sequels of: Edge of tomorrow, The old guard (the latter of which seems to be on the cards) Close.


All the Alien movies after Aliens.

I agree. Prometheus and Covenant particularly execrable. At least the Predator spin-offs had the good sense not to take themselves too seriously. Prometheus is po-faced bollocks about the origin of man or something, and there are hardly any actual proper Aliens