Unlucky Newcastle fans...

back to scouring the lower divisions for talent i'm afraid. there will be no poaching from the likes of citeh and liverpool lol 

Oh dear. 

Mediocity it is then. We are 3.5/1 to go down. Tempting.

not unexpected tbh

there will be another suitor

the PL have some fucking explaining to do as to the absolute despicable shambles that has been their vetting process

As predicted, more Maupay than Mbappe for the Toon this summer

there will be another suitor

Agreed, leveraged buy out by some dodgy yank consortium.

Ha ha !! Laz why is their vetting process a shambles ?

Because the vetting process was effectively being managed by the Bein Sports PR department.

Rather than man up and announce an actual decision, and have to stand by it and risk challenge of course, they have just ducked the issue by dragging their heels, staring at the floor and mumbling until the offeror walked off. pure cowardice. Ashley should sue them tbh

It’s all so very Newcastle isn’t it

This is my overriding feeling. Its not one of sadness, surprise of disappointment. It is the warm comforting blanket of familiarity which comes with Newcastle fucking things up in hilarious circumstances. Good things don't happen to our football club. It is known.

Of course, just to rub it in i expect the PL to wave through a purchase by the Saudis of another PL within the next couple of months.

Also what Spider said. whatever beef BeIn Sports has with the national government of some state has precisely nothing whatsoever to do with whether their sovereign wealth fund should be allowed to buy a football team.

Full expect the Saudi's to buy overseas PL rights to fuck Bein because of this. So at least we know Richard Keys will get the sack.


Unlucky lads.  No place at the top table with the big boys.

Sadly not. But there is plenty of space on our high horses again to opine about the disgusting sports washing of middle eastern blood money by your club.....

recommend u do not punch those high horses in the face when u r on them wellers old boi

Actually, I think this could have been a lucky escape for Ashley and Toon. Hearing that there is a potential US buyer who is willing to pay more!

Part of the reason could be that the money that Amanda Staveley thought that she would be getting for sure from Barclays might now not be such a dead cert, and she had earmarked those funds to purchase her share of the equity in Toon!

wot i love about this story is it raises massive suspicions that ashley had no intention of selling it to the saudis

i bet he only agreed hots and then offered a ludicrously short exclusivity period, knowing full well it would never be met

he’s basically stringing every1 alongside punish the fans

@16:57 LOLLERS

Can they please bring back King Kev so he can have a nostalgic meltdown and we can pretend it’s the 90s. Then go for a pint of Newcy Brown, ask for a Parmo and walk around in the middle of winter with no coats on saying “Howay” to anyone that looks at us funny. 


Oh go on. 

It is quite amusing.  Newcastle fans have spent months debasing themselves in the service of one of the most brutal dictatorships in the world, only to be tossed away like the human detritus they are.

I was always against being owned by a brutal dictatorship tbh. I feel like the noble "fiancee" of bin laden's buddy Jamal Khashoggi has been justified in writing all those letters to the PL that Qatar asked her to.

wot i love about this story is it raises massive suspicions that ashley had no intention of selling it to the saudis

Ashley walks away with £17m deposit in the bank. Nice for some, wonder what shonky brand he can pick up for that

"I was always against being owned by a brutal dictatorship tbh."


Times reporting a major factor in it falling through was the lobbying of other clubs - specifically Liverpool and spurs

rigged game lads, they don’t want another club overtaking them. Pathetic tinpot club behaviour that you expect from spurs but thought liverpool were above rhat

Is that true? This is the reason why I actually wanted the takeover to go through. Pathetic.

(P.S. it’s exactly what I would expect from liverpool)

thought liverpool were above rhat

No, Liverpool eat rhat

Is that true? 

according to the times it was a mixture of this and the intense lobbying of the Qatari state media BeIN sports over alleged involvement of Saudi in piracy.

at least we’ve still got Brucey. We will always have brucey 

As much as I oppose another dodgy regime sports washing it's cash in English football, it beggars belief that the only reason the FA were bothered is that the Saudis may have impacted someone's commercial income. Disgrace really.

Hope they start flying “Bein Sports are cunts” banners at St James. Let them broadcast that.

Good to see LFC and Spurs taking a moral stand. Not a good look to have one of the biggest clubs in the country owned by people linked to a regime with such a poor human rights record. 

I’m surprised City didn’t show that type of leadership. There must be some reason for it that I’m missing?

Lol @ Liverpool and morals

Surely human rights abuses mean something else in their culture? Shouldn’t you be printing tee shirts and having a candle light vigil

Yes mock the families of people killed by police incompetence compounded by state cover-up. What a good look. 

Would have been good to see the Sports Direct Arena re-named the Aramco Bowl. Public executions for half-time entertainment. 

Yes mock the families of people killed by police incompetence compounded by state cover-up. What a good look. 

no just mocking the people who murdered in innocent Italian football fans thanks. The teeshirts was RE the time you club fully backed a proven racist 

Instinctive reaction to teams in black and white shirts i reckon - at least they didn’t try to crush you under a wall so, you know, every cloud


Owned by people who cheated at other sportsclubs they owned, sponsored by money launderers, managed by a legend who defended the obviously racist Suarez, staffed by people who hack other clubs, and supported by people who caused the deaths of people just going to a football match.   How's that moral high ground Kenny?

This is great bantz but I don’t think you want to get into a pissing contest over which club is the cleanest. 

Citibank (a City sponsor) is a money launderer. 

Kenny didn’t come up with the t shirt idea. The idea was clearly wrong. At the time I thought it was wrong and I wasn’t the only fan. Players like Carra have acknowledged that and apologised to Evra. 

The “hacking” was done by former City scouts  (old habits etc.) using their old log-ins. They were sacked by LFC. 

Nothing says completely innocent of cheating than a €10m fine.

Using cameras to decode baseball opponents’ signals v state-sponsored human rights abuses. Hmmm. 

You must feel at least a sense of anger your club is being used for sports-washing?

It means more...

Not English but scouse...

etc etc

You crack on dude




Assume you were born on the centre circle of your club’s ground FF?

See you picked up that mic Pingu. 

Keep crying at the blue moon. 

Not really m8.  Lots of your reply was factually inaccurate and, of course, you avoided the point about your "fans" in your reply.  LFC is a cult and so it's best to leave you all in your cuddly scouse world!

Not sure where to start with Kenny’s 21.15. Trump would be proud of that fake news.

My fave is trying to equate the fine with guilt over cheating. Tbf in that he’s only following the lead of the press.

The one comfort we can all have from this is that the ghost of Jamal Khashoggi is now at peace and can move to the other realm having been trapped in this world until he and his fiancee had stopped the nufc takeover.