University Rejections

The discussion of Oxbridge rejections on the privilege thread reminds me of all of the glorious institutions that turned me down when I applied so which unis rejected you and how many times?

Here's my collection:

Oxford x2

Bristol x2

Durham x2

Newcastle x1 (took me the second time I applied)

I'm sure there are a few others but struggling to remember where else I applied to.

Oxford x 1

Manchester x 1

Warwick x 2 (thank goodness, otherwise I would probably have gone there)

IIRC they all made offers but I'm pretty sure I didn't get the grades on which the offer was based in respect of a few of them.


I got 3 unconditionals tho!

Still coasting on that two decade old glory


I only wanted to go there because my boyfriend was there and I'd had a few fun nights out on the campus. Now I look back and wonder what on earth possessed me to want to spend three whole years in that grotty dump.

Edinburgh was the only one, the five other redbricks made offers. 

I was discouraged from applying to oxbridge on the basis that (and I quote) “you care more about whether England beat France in the five nations than whether you go to oxford” which tbf is as true today as it was then. 

When you lot say x2 do you mean you applied for two courses or that you resat and still got two fingers?

Heh, I was rejected from Bristol, Warwick and Durham.  But I did get a 2D offer from Oxford.

I do remember being quite put out at that tbh, it was my second choice by miles and may well have ended up my first had I got the offer. From memory though you had to put first and second choices on the form so it may have been that that did for me. 

I didn't resit, I took a year out and reapplied on the basis that I didn't have a clue what I was doing the first time round.

Here's a thing tho.  I bet loads of you lot applied to ucas.  Back in our day it was ucca or pcas lol.  That'll separate the olds from the newbs.

While picking you up on what you’ve said before on here is a bit like shooting fish in a barrel, you have said you were at school in the 90s so you are at most mid to late 40s? The polys went late 80s no?

Polys went under Major I think.  werent oxford offers double E?

People say that 'unconditional offers' at Oxford were 2Es but both I and my sister got 2D offers.  *shrug*


Pretty sure I told you all about it TBH, my beautiful friend did an Asian fusion night and it coincided etc....?  Meh.  Whatevs.

Certainly the only case I've ever heard of of anyone getting a 2D offer.

Yale for undergrad; I really wanted to go there as well

I think that at least one of the places I applied for the CPE didn't take me but I can't remember which

more recently Liverpool x2, Exeter, Roehampton, Leeds and Lancaster for PhDs, but that was for funding and all of them would have been happy to take me if I would pay

Well buzz, I got one, as did my sister 7 years earlier to me.  I don't know what more to say,  I've already texted my cousin, my best school friend and my old girlfriend to ask about sodding interviews, I can't do it again to ask what their offers were lol.

*also Univ of Highlands and Islands for PhD

I turned Bangor down cos the industry partner was a dick

UT Austin offered me an undergrad place without my even applying

Actually a v good mate of mine went to Bangor.  Was one of the horrible sorts of friends who are incredibly clever, successful, good looking, sporty, wanker.  Lol.  He's off in the caymans now doing something very well paid.  Wanker.


Thought you didn't go to university Teccers? 

Oxford rejected me. Oxford Brookes that is. 

I got rubbish predictions so applied again when I got my results and they were much better than expected.

A close friend of mine , went to Winchester and managed to get rejected from all 5 he applied to . He got 3As. He begged Bristol to take him to do Economics and finance a week before term started , and they relented.

but for that he wouldn’t have gone to university. He is now a VP at a bulge bracket bank .

what do you lot mean about getting multiple rejections?

what I remember happening is filling in a ucca form and getting replies from each uni, some asking me to go to interview and some with conditional offers. 

I got rejected by warwick, leeds and oxford for my PhD applications because they didn't have available/suitable supervisors.   

Is warwick the university which has rejected the most roffers?

If you apply to the same university twice you can be rejected twice. Or rejected once and accepted once. Or accepted twice, as I was by Exeter.

And it’s well known oxbridge very rarely grant offers to those who have recently been rejected.

Ebit suspect he was in my year and got the same rubbish predictions I got before getting three A's.

Kimmy as I explained above my predictions were rubbish so when I applied in the lower sixth I got rejected by 5 out of 7 options and didn't really fancy the two I got offers from.  When I got better than expected results I applied again during my gap year and got straight into where I wanted to go to.

ok.  There weren't any predictions in my time, iirc.    

I was predicted straight As but that didn't much help with the fact that first time round I chose universities for ridiculous reasons. (Might as well have stuck pins in a map.)

I was only accepted at one uni. I wrote to them saying my Dad is an alumni and hoped that would carry some weight. Turns out it did.

I didn't have a clue either, LP.  I chose one for the course (unusually specific, and where I went) and the others pretty much at random.  Not many people went to uni from my school and there were only 10 of us doing A levels in my year.

Maybe his mum shagged the entire rugby team at Plymouth Uni and so any of them could be the dad.



although Bristol made an AAA offer after I'd got my EE offer so I think that was sort of a rejection.

That is what is known as an "if you're thinking of putting us down as your insurance choice you can fuck right off" offer, Clubbers.

I will see your AAA offer from Bristol and raise you an AAAA offer from Exeter.

So then, basically it’s a shitshow. Always has been and always will be.

Well fancy that!

Is it possible to move on to discussing more interesting things now? Chz

I think I only get rejected from Bristol,


But that is mostly due to being so scared of being rejected by all universities I aimed very very middle of the road

I wish someone had told me that back in the 90's Bristol would automatically reject you if they weren't your first choice as then I'd not have wasted my time applying.

"my dad is an alumni"?!?!?! was the university the university of Internet East?

TBF Lady P Clubbers is of a vintage at which time AAA was actually quite a big ask.  

I really miss those days

my grades were actually good damnit

conceded this is of zero utility now

Due to the interaction between my prior receipt of an EE offer and my inherent laziness, my grades weren't really that much to shout about.

I was super lazy and had accepted an unconditional and I still did well. WHAT HAPPENED.

I think if I had been like five years older I could have been a contender


Yes Buzz. If you make someone an offer of the maximum grades they can possibly get, they can't use it as their insurance choice, which is the whole point.

We should write alternative law-related lyrics.

Christmas Day = Slaughter and May

Extra special points to raddy.  Didn't stop me getting offers tho old bean.

I was rejected as a Rhodes scholar. It still hurts.

sails, it is still the same position at Brizzle now TBF. The place is and always rammed full with Oxford rejects. Half of my class/group fell in to that category

I don't know how but I recall being told by an admissions Professor they knew who had applied to Oxford, and made them offers first mostly.



Due to the interaction between my prior receipt of an EE offer and my inherent laziness, my grades weren't really that much to shout about.

Ebit I thought in this day and age you no longer listed universities in order of preference to stop them being silly if you didn't put them as first choice.

not quite true sails. besides now unis hand out early unconditional offers so as to ensure they are full subscribed, the government are trying to clamp down on it.

Unconditional offers used to be used to secure the best candidates, now they're used to secure enough students... 

Not in Scotland (local students aren't desirable financially).

exactly buzz. So if you are lazy or don't think you will get AAA Birmingham want to do Law or Economics, you can barely aged 16 and a bit get a UC offer and coast your two years of A levels.

Birmingham with the first and most avid proponent of this regime, and the other unis were up in arms about it , as they were nicking students early. The government couldn't intervene, so just about most of the Russell group uni's started to do it.

Yes never thought this would get to a three quarter ton.

I'd have thought that AAAA post clubber's time would actually count as reasonable offer given that kids seem to sit 5 or 6 of them now and A's are given for turning up and writing your own name on the answer paper without making any more than a couple of spelling mistakes.

My sister was rejected from Cambridge 3 times and now she is a doctor in Cambridge teaching the Cambridge students lol

Back in the days of UCCA applications, Leicester rejected me because I listed them as my fourth choice. B@#tards. My highest offers were Durham and Exeter - ABC.

No rejections, but then again i didn’t apply to do law, so less oversubscribed.


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please have the decency not to rof whilst amusing yourself 

It's ridiculous. I've never been rejected by a University. Academic prizes at primary school, secondary school, undergrad and postgrad level, some of the highest marks ever in some exams, told by schoool teachers with Oxbridge firsts and uni profs that my work was better than they could do, invited to do PhDs in three separate disciplines across arts and sciences (done in one) awarded the triple clustered bacon grill with apple flakes and spangles for service in the Cadre of the St Custard's CCF, give women fizzy knickers at 200 paces, can pretty much succeed at anything including fibs and I still feel thick, fuck things up, live in a cardboard box that smells of piss and am generally a massive fuckwit. 

I have a 25m swimming certificate, I think you and I would get on very well...

I think we've found osama.  hope u okish hon.

Always amusing to read the late Friday night / early Satuday morning rantings on here. 

Stay chilled Teclis.

Leaving all the other shite aside, HAVE WE FOUND OS OR NOT???!!!