Unforeseen consequences of remote working
  • The one I keep noticing is a reshuffling of credibility. 
  • Seniors and bullies now disembodied who can't have their way when reduced to relying on what they have to say. 
  • Meek workers who do the lifting suddenly identified as critical to the business because the things they say make sense. 
  • Maybe the worms are turning. 

This is a neat observation. I do find the bullies still get their way by being arseholes on Zoom/Teams but without the physical presence to intimidate and people who do work to stay out of the way of the bullies not having to do that...

Maybe this will have a good impact on toxic workplace environments caused by bullies.


Things will revert to normal.

At some point, we have to go back into the office. 

The bullies will be there.

And they never forget. 


It's harder for bullsh*tters (let's face it, all of us on here).

This is why the v senior people who don't produce anything really want everyone back in the office.

WFH is bad for the very senior and very junior but great for those in the middle. My sector has been thinning out the ranks of these people for years as they are too expensive, tend not to eat shit and are plausible threats to those above. Maybe their value will now get realigned.

Dare I say it, but they might synergise their efforts, or some such.

It’s good for those addicted to ROF. They can happily sit back all day ROFing on their phone instead of working.




It's harder for bullsh*tters (let's face it, all of us on here)"

Im not a bullshitter I'm smashing work thanks 

Dux is clearly right. Like that ‘do you know about losing’ thread this morning. M8 you’re asking people who post things like ‘describe norks’ on the internet. Day after day.