UK Citizen test


Who sets these fking questions? 

A crusty old history professor probably. I didn't have a clue on many of them. And I am British.

Or are you, given that you can’t pass this simple test, Mr Chambers?

Or should I say Mr Chamberunboggo?

eg- What year did agriculture first arrive in the UK?

No one, literally no one in the UK could answer this question 

Is there no adult overseeing these fools? 

Or is this typical of the quality of individuals employed in the public service ?

My step dad passed. I wouldn't have put him down for a genius either wink

All the answers are in the question book the applicants are advised to read before they take the test. It’s not difficult 

i got the agriculture ay wrong and i did an archaeology degree ?

so, this test requires you to understand English and be able to swot for an exam. Laudable ambition, but honestly?!