The U2 Album People deleted from their iPhones - did anyone listen to it?

back in the ole day I’ve been listening to some u2 songs eg album rattle and hum

are they really that bad? Why do we hate u2?

mysterious ways is not such a bad song either but I feel strange typing this

why the stigma?

My 14 (?) year old self listened to Aching Baby (on a tape copied for me by my then best friend Caroline) on repeat play.

In the 90s, I had a MASSIVE crush on Bono, as well as Angus Deayton.

You mean "Songs of Innocence"? I quite like it.

U2 are a fucking excellent band and if you don't accept or respect that you are a cunt.

Bono is a prat though. 

Go back further to Unforgettable Fire or Joshua Tree.

They are good.

They are a great band upto and including Zooropa (which is an underrated album). After that a bit bland. 

I saw them at Glastonbury and they were brilliant. Bono hardly spoke though which probably helped. 

They made some good albums and wrote some good songs.  My gripe (apart from Bono being a prat) is simply that they are (or at least were) massively massively overrated.  I may not like all of them but I do usually see why global superstars have got to where they are.  I never got it with U2, they just ok.  Many many far far better bands have been and gone with barely a flicker.

Guy- would be interested to know who you consider a good band. 

Judo - likewise with the acting baby album. Was the second album I really got into, I think. The first being Violator by Depesche Mode (for which I blame my brother). 

Zero, I consider U2 a "good band" just not worthy of global superstardom like, say, the Stones were

I’m just angling to find out what you listen to so I can take the pyss no matter who it is tbf

I think I got round to listening to Songs of Innocence only relatively recently, as the intro to the first song is always a sign that your iPhone is doing something you hadn’t asked it to, and so it was always something that you stopped as soon as it started. 

ZG, that is cool.  the first album I was obsessed with was Kylie.

The reason U2 were so successful was the that in the 80s they were an incredible stadium band.