Twitter account of the century - GB News Fails

How is it possible for a channel to be this shoddy? Where has all that American and Russian tufton street cash gone ffs?! Apart from the constant and hilarious reading out of prank names as detailed in the other thread, literally everything is going wrong for them. That Simon guy from the bbc absolutely loathes the Brexit fruitloop he’s been paired with. Look at this for on-air chemistry:

The sound and filming technology isn’t working, microphones aren’t working, they keep showing a reflection of the teleprompter, they’ve had cleaners having arguments in the background, all of their guests have had their names spelled incorrectly, including, aptly, Tim Mongomerie, and to top it all off they’ve literally been mooned live on air by a caller and didn’t even realise:

All in the space of a couple of days. Pleeease don’t go off air too soon :(

who’s the Brexit MILF? I’d watch her

Anna something.  Was a Brexit MEP and is as thick as she comes across.

Speaking of which

#GBNews is genuinely hilariously bad. They uploaded a video to their official YouTube that buffers, it’s not YouTube buffering as you can see, but they uploaded a video to their official YT that has buffering in it Face with tears of joyFace with tears of joy @GBNewsFails

I saw them interview their own presenter (Tom Harwood?) about the historic moment he got to ask a question to Bojo following his covid announcement and was he nervous, how long did he take to come up with his question etc.   

It's crap, but the leftist army trying to have GBN shut down are giving it all the publicity it needs. Genius move by Andrew Neil tbh.

Yeah they're definitely being the most inadvertently hilarious thing on TV on purpose.  WHEN WILL THOSE LEFTISTS EVER LEARN?!  IF YOU LAUGH AT GAMMONS, THEY WILL VOTE TO F*CK THE COUNTRY OVER!

I meant AN stocking the culture wars via twitter to get GBN onto the radar.

Wot Rex said.

I wonder how many years of Tory Government there will need to be before lefties realise pointing and laughing at the stupid gammon isn't getting them what they want.

Every leftist/liberal type on Twitter seems to have been glued to it relentlessly since launch and is sharing clips constantly.

It's infuriatingly stupid. You're just giving them exactly what they want - if you want GB News to fail then ignore the fooking thing.

I think they think that the plain spoken person is annoyed enough about WOKE EVERYWHERE to watch a news channel devoted to saying "well oi fink it's pliticul krectnez gon maaad".

In reality - it's like clamping on private land.  Most of their target audience will dislike it, but would they watch a TV channel dedicated to getting all bent out of shape over it?  Nopez.

Pancake, I think we can have fun with it for a while. I cant see that anybody is really going to be watching it in 2 weeks time, the novelty will have worn off.

Am genuinely surprised by Andrew Neil. I used to enjoy his late night program and rated him. He must be being paid top dollar to front this shower of shit.

The anti-woke angle is unsustainable, it's just a convenient foil to reframe the bog-standard right-wing ethnonationalist stuff they'll slide into.

Of course they'll be supported in that slide by every moron FBPE type sharing viral clips on Twitter trying to ensure that the widest possible audience knows GB News exist and is available. 

The sheer amount of publicity about how crap GB news is now has me running it in the background whilst at home out of sheer curiosity.  In all fairness to them I am yet to see anything that is obviously racism / hate.

The irony is, I think trying to cancel them or deprive them of advertising revenue will actually work in their favour by increasing viewers...increasing advertising revenue etc...


Yeah they can get taken off the air if they stray too Fox Newsy (as Fox News was).

it’s just rubbish

worse than daytime tv

the problem isn’t even the production values it’s that over half of the presenters/interviewers are crap at their jobs

the novelty will fall away after a couple of weeks and it will either fold or limp along like channel 5

Had no idea it existed until I saw a post here. Giving it oxygen will just increase its reach. Bit like Farage.

Is the Leftist Army part of the Woke Brigade? Or vice versa?

Well, certainly not people that tune into GB News, that's for sure.  Turns out covering actual news is expensive.  Much cheaper to get Darren Grimes on for no fee to cringe on about cancel culture.

So glad to see they stood up for brave patriots being woke-cancelled like.... *checks notes* Jeffrey Epstein and Prince Andrew...

the leftist army trying to have GBN shut down

I'm not a leftist, but I absolutely don't want this to fail.  It's fvvcking hysterical.

Andrew Neil finding starting his own channel is significantly harder than just turning up at the BBC and having it all put on a plate for him.

We are witnessing the Peter principle in action. He's not a broadcasting heavyweight, he is a gob on a stick.


he is a brilliant political interviewer - best of his generation, should have just stuck to that.

I haven't seen it as I cannot seem able to access it. At first it looked like Sky Go (where I watch TV) had it but it did not open and I cannot see it mentioned at all now (I don't watch Sky on a TV).


I am all in favour of all kinds of people broadcasting. We need much more not much less freedom.

Agreed and I can rewatch his Owen Jones takedown on repeat any time of day or night for a cringey bit of fun.

Lydia, nobody here is trying to shut them down. We are laughing at how shite they are. 

Moaarrr please.

Why the f did the presenter give two middle fingers to the camera on live TV? Too funny.

It looks shit. I can't imagine any scenario where I would want to watch this.

Other than the initial reaction of "Ha, it's shit!", is there really that much to keep you entertained?

Lol at the surprise that it hasnt said anything racist.

Of course it hasnt. Not everyone with a slightly different view to you on social issues is an “ethnonationalist” let alone a racist.

I’d like to know how to do those huge smilies please

I have had it on in the background at home for a couple of days. Haven't seen anything remotely racist or what could be classed as hate speech. Ofcom would soon shut them down if they did. The rumours around this come purely from those who are burned into the mould of the mainstream media thought control police.

I like that they are reporting on local news stories and giving a voice to regions that get no attention from BBC/ITV or Ch4. I like that they get some interesting people on to discuss a topic and provide an alternate view, without telling people what they should believe.

I also like how amateurish many of the presenters are. They may not be a polished as the folks on the big channels are, but they will get there with practice. As will the technical glitches.

It would seem that GB News are being blocked from accessing the Reuters news feed, so many of the national and international stories are being witheld from them. Hopefully the other channels will lose there stranglehold and allow a competitor equal access.

Good luck to them. The amount of publicity they're getting can only help. I only ever watched Euronews anyway and Rosie Wright is now on GB News, so win-win. 

Is there anything sadder than the kind of leftist that tries to shame Tory voters?

”you’re ray-cist”

”you’re sex-cist”

”you’re trans-fobik”

all the while jerking to the financial black hole which is their onlyfans account


>"I haven't seen it as I cannot seem able to access it. At first it looked like Sky Go (where I watch TV) had it but it did not open and I cannot see it mentioned at all now (I don't watch Sky on a TV)."

It's available both on their website,, and via a dedicated smartphone app.

“We are witnessing the Peter principle in action. He's not a broadcasting heavyweight, he is a gob on a stick.”

Whoa. Wait. What?

As I said on another thread it’s all a bit GCSE film and media studies . Grade -D

part of me wonders whether GB news are behind the twitter feed.  It stokes up all the right people on the right who are worried about the death of free speech and galvanises the left to watch it to find more bloopers to post on twitter.