Twee things you really like

Stuff from Joules

Is that the one with the hare logo?  

I was wearing my life preserver with that logo in a pub in Cambridge (think it was the town & gown)  a couple of years ago and a drunk landy-toff-type pointed at it, patted me on the shoulder and tried for half an hour  to talk me and the mrs into going hare coursing with him.

1. Laura Ashley wallpaper

2. Country Living magazine

3. Growing vegetables

4. The RHS

5. Rose gardens

6. Tweed

7. Picnics

8. Watching cricket matches

9. Depodding peas in the garden whilst listening to Desert Island Disc podcasts

10. Making scones for tea on Sunday afternoons.

Honeypots in the shape of beehives with china bees on the lid.

"Watching cricket matches"

There's a reason they put up barbed wire fences at Sabina Park.



Lazing on a deck chair next to a village green is the type of game I enjoy watching.

Looking at you list Dusty I am big on picnics, scones and tweed. Surprised you didn't mention jam making.

You know, there is a bowl of cherries sitting in our kitchen which were picked from our garden and they are waiting to be made into jam. There are two packets of jam making sugar sat on the worktop, too.


Why because I make jam from the fruit trees in our garden? That isn't being a little old lady, that's being economical with the stuff my garden produces. You can be such a supercilious prick, you know.

Although the idea of Dusty being a detective and solving murders does appeal.

Christ you're a po-faced tede, aren't you!

No, I just get bored with you seeking to pick on me as if you somehow know me when you don't.

Putting things in Kilner jars on the kitchen counter

blue and white china


Joules story is hilarious.  The success story behind him is great and entirely accidental.  I don’t believe any of this has ever been made public or told to a newspaper or whatever but as I haven’t worked with him for seven years or so and am not a solicitor  anyway, there’s nothing anyone can do.

Tom used to sell all his stuff at farm markets and country shows.  He had quite a following and was praised for his no nonsense stuff in various farming magazines.

He was just preparing for the next year of farm circuits, he had ordered a bunch of stuff to be made and was busy booking into various shows and then disaster struck.  BSE crisis hit and all shows were shut down.

Meanwhile he has a million quids worth of stuff (mostly paid by debt) steaming quietly towards the UK.  Err.  Anyway, he went to retailers and managed to convince (I think John Lewis) to stock his brand for a bit.

But they took a huge margin.  Rocked his profits so he decided to step out and open his own stores.  Problem was... he actually didn’t have a lot of lines.  So he came up with the concept of seaside towns.  If you can’t change the stock, then place your store where you can at least change the people looking at your stock.

PE mate of mine bought a minority share in it a few years back.  Great investment, wish I’d had the dry powder to do it myself.  His stag do in NYC was apparently a thing to behold....

Wind your neck in, Stardust. You can't post on here pretending to be some WI member from the 1950s and expect to evade criticism.

In terms of things I like that are twee - afternoon tea I guess. 

What Linda?   Most here know well what I used to do and the people I used to work with.  I’ve got a billion stories like that, no real damage to be done to tell one of them, once in a while.

Oh I keep a lot more secrets than I share I can assure you.

If you are insinuating you know secrets about me you definitely don't, we haven't even met.


The Chelsea Flower Show

The Proms

The BBC Comedy Crime Caper series: Shakespeare & Hathaway

Drives to the country followed by a cream tea

1930s detective fiction


Linda - nope not at all. I have no clue who either you or gannicus are. 

Please don’t be so defensive.

I was referring to the fact that over the course of a career talking to business owners and PE investors alike, not to mention C level guys who wanted me to place them in portfolio companies, I’ve picked up a lot of war stories.

Nothing to do with you, despite many peoples opinion otherwise, I’m not a complete twat.

I am wondering what you think the last few %ge points require tecco

By the way, I rather like you and share many similar opinions.  Not sure that’s a good thing for you or otherwise but hey ho!

-Tecco to Linda

You can't post on here pretending to be some WI member from the 1950s and expect to evade criticism.


You asked for twee things people like, so I listed the ones I do. What non WI twee things were you expecting people to post?! Or am I just in a Catch 22 and anything I post will produce some derision from you?

We could go into other stuff I like which isn't twee, but that's not what you asked for you, is it?

For you to consider yourself the complete twat tecco obv

Oh ok fair.  I’d say ‘most' consider that of me. If there is a 200 user base of active Roffers then I reckon 99% consider me so.  And I’m including myself in that number.

Can we please move on from whether or not Tecco is a twat and get back to celebrating tweeness. That is basically just Tecco and Wang exchanging agro.

In this regard I suggest agricultural/county/country shows. Love them to bits ever since a was a wee lad. Good stroll around the show ground, occasional sandwich or hog roast, looking at tractors, prize animals etc.

Impressive amount of work rewriting that story which appears to be that a man once tried to sell some clothes in a few different places.

Spurious:  admittedly it was better when Tom regaled it over a boardroom table at lunch but nonetheless it’s a decent tale of what can happen when adversity strikes.