The TW, KT and W postcodes

There's a lady on there who says she has to bathe her daughter once a day because of eczema. We bathed red twice a week only when he had bad eczema. Weird.

It has given rise to a few lols on nextdoor

AD, Strawberry Hill

"Hi guys, I'm a journalist writing a piece on the recent water stoppage in the Twickenham area for South West Londoner, and I was wondering if people could tell me how it's affecting them?"

AB, Fulwell

"I was hungover this morning and quite dehydrated, I was laughing reading that people didn't have water then I went to get a glass of water and nothing came out of the tap! ...Lucky enough I still had a few beers in the fridge so I just drank those instead."

My sisters had that when they were young, used to have baths with this oil in it to keep thier skin from drying out, 

The bath was always covrred in this oily film, it was a bugger to clean off

my last post had a black name  let's see what this one has

Already had a call from a client in the hospitality business wondering who covers the cost of providing bottled water to guests, etc.