TV Cameras in Crown Court

Only the judge will be seen giving sentencing remarks, no one else shown. Good thing or not?

I was hoping this thread meant they'd be bringing back Crown Court.  And Chorlton and the Wheelies.

Not exactly terribly exciting listening to a bloke explaining how he decided on 6 years in prison instead of 5.

What is more fascinating is watching the Scottish footage the Disappearance of Margaret Fleming on Channel 4.  That is a very strange tale.

It's interesting but leaves some unanswered questions.

Really won't be that illuminating. So much sentencing is done by numbers these days. Might make some of the judges behave a bit (or play up to the camera).

Good idea IMO. They should do the same in the county and family courts too.


Sunlight is the best disinfectant

County maybe - would be a decent cure for insomnia. Definitely not Family. Don't see why kids should have their parents' dirty laundry hung out for all to see when they have done nothing to deserve it.

Buzz, they show this sometimes on Talking Pictures (freeview 81).

Perhaps some encouragement not to base a case on "dirty laundry" in the first place and bring an end to court sponsored slut shaming would be a good thing.


??? you'd like the ladies who loiter outside the family court on Holborn shouting stuff through loud hailers.

Are you including Public Law ??? ? The airing of dirty laundry is rather necessary to prove threshold. And there are plenty of Private Law cases with serious allegations that need to be examined.

If that is how the judges in the family division are delivering their pontifications these days, then yes that is what I would like. 

Most of the judges involved will do their best but there are bound to be one or two who come across badly or are misquoted.