Tusk “ to appeal to the EU27 to be open to a long extension “

To enable the U.K. to sort itself out.


Hmm indeed. Does anyone have the 'fingers' post?



making it very clear that it's not in his gift (or indeed in junckers or barnier)


Unless the ERG and DUP cave we are going to be in the EU for years and in all probability never leave.  

This is the orchestration the EU and May are putting together - it should have been the tack she adopted in the first place rather than threatening remainers with no deal, but better to stumble on the right strategy (very) late than never.  Even now it might just work.

Yeah but I think the DUP and ERG are waking up to that. Witness the furious back peddling where a bunch of lawyers (who know nothing about international law) are going to tell them the Vienna Convention gives them an out from the backstop so they can bite for May’s deal without openly admitting how fucked they are. 

Errrrr i don’t want brits in the EU elections 

if you do not participate you can have a 30 year extension as far as I’m concerned 

Rees Mogg has already given hints that he would vote for the deal if the alternative was staying rather than no deal.  I think the ERG will cave, the DUP may find it harder, it is not in their nature, and they have made some pretty unequivocal statements.

Does anyone know if DUP on their own can prevent the deal?

I wonder if in 20 years she'll write a book claiming to have deliberately set out to destroy Brexit and it all worked masterfully?



faod I do not believe she is actually doing that. 

I think there are 3 Labour that consistently vote for the deal.

Urgh. We are going to end up with May's deal aren't we. Which means remainers will be unhappy plus leavers will absolve themselves of any blame for getting us into this mess by saying "it wasn't the deal we wanted"