Turkish lira down 91% against USD over ten years

Jesus that is a scary chart. 

Time to buy a 6-bed summer gaff outside Dalaman?

Might put out a few feelers. Had some cracking summer hols down Olu Deniz way. The outdoor food scene is what the Med pretends to be - excellent and cheap. 

Soz you’re right if you take the definition of Anatolia to mean the entire Asia Minor portion of Turkey. Modern Turkey restricts Anatolia to parts east of Dalaman but wrong of me to suggest it can’t be included.

it escapes me who and where but i heard somebody (relatively sensible) the other day saying that if you'd deposited a fixed sum of money in a bank at turkish interest rates 20 years ago and done the same with the fixed sum of moneys in US dollars at US interest rates, you'd end up at about the same amount of value today either way (or something like that).



that will depend on the currency, but given erdogan believes low bank r7s prevent inflation it’s not that surprising

Great opportunity to have an otherwise difficult interaction with Russians! Hope you will enjoy some civilized chatting with Igor and Irina. 

that wiki link just shows “central anatolia”, “eastern anatolia” and “southern anatolia”

it doesn’t show anatolia as a whole defined as nething other than the entirety of the asia minor peninsula