Tugenhat demands unlimited immigration

for people from Hong Kong

To 'do the right thing '

So thats 8 million people plus 15 million of their dependants in China, because it would be 'cruel' to separate families 

Wtf is wrong with these people with their endless virtue signalling? 

In what fucking world are there 7m PRC residents who are dependents of Hong Kong permanent residents? You daft get

Sounds like a good idea anyway.

Britain is a moribund nation and a sick society. Needs a shot in the arm.

Wot Tarquin said

Damned people. Let them house the displaced in their Home Counties rectories ffs.

They would quite happily do so, I don’t doubt

What has what China is like got to do with whether Britain would benefit from some inward migration? Learn to think.

Oddly enough, the inward migration of 15m southern Chinese would almost be enough to replenish the loss of the Brexit voters, were they all to be towed out to sea aboard freighter hulks. It would probably replace their economic productivity many times over, ofc

Would be fine with mass immigration of Hong Kongers tbh

yes of course, every single resident would choose to leave where they have lived all their life and move to a small cold rainy island in the Atlantic, every single one.

The irony is, before Project Unicorn got through, we’d have been able to make this humanitarian offer and safely rely on many of the inbound migrants promptly heading off to live in france or germany, which are much nicer places to live with far fewer gamoneering fuckpuppets making a pig’s ear of public policy.

Not sure how 8m or even 15m are “unlimited”


we abandoned them to the commies on the promise of good behaviour.  We can either invade or offer them refuge. 

"we abandoned them to the commies"

No we didn't. Our lease ran out and we gave the country back.

Our lease on part of it ran out and we handed over the rest willy billy from memory 

Yes, but the Island cannot survive without the New Territories- water etc