Trying to adopt a cat

I think this may be more tricky than adopting a child. 

They don’t like giving to young children and as our address is in centre of a village they think they will be run over when we have a lovely safe garden for it to play in. 

Kittens online are so extortionate we refuse to be part of some horrible cat breeding thing. 

Any tips? Just looking for general moggy. 


and lots of lovely cats miss homes as a result and people go to private breeders instead

just start feeding a random one and it will adopt you (you don't own a cat, it owns you)

"just start feeding a random one and it will adopt you (you don't own a cat, it owns you)"

this is what we have done 

If you get a male get him Jaffa'd.  Otherwise he will get run over crossing the road after some piece of cat-skirt.  Cat-males are even more ruled by their penises than human ones.

*paging wang and his knowledge of animal penises (which is, in no-way, weird)*

just start feeding a random one and it will adopt you (you don't own a cat, it owns you)

this is why I keep my two munchkins as indoor cats.. so thieving little cat kidnappers like you can’t lure them away. 

I’m after getting a couple of additional cats - firm no from Neville, but I’ve not given up!

people seem to be asking for kittens / cats on our local nextdoor with some success

Errr, i'm not a catnapper - I hate cats, and merely recognise that they're disloyal little shits.

I’m not sure I’m in the market to catnap but 
some on the market are going for up to £1k!! We paid a fiver for my childhood kitties, there’s inflation and there’s absolutely bloody ridiculous. 

Oh cool thanks ob will see what’s happening there. 

A grand!!

a grand for something that fucks off to people like us because we give it roast chicken?? I knew cats were cunts 

As u asked, male cats have Willies with back facing barbs on them so they are locked in as it were to give their wriggles time to swim to target without a bigger boy trying to get in on the action. 

The yowling you hear in cities is caused unfortunately by damaged pussies. 

There is a slightly harrowing scene in one of the red dwarf novels about this. 

Dogs by contrast have a Johnson that swells to enormous proportions post delivery for similar unpluggability

Lol at hoolie -  I know! And this one def will when my toddler chases it’s tail (back to my OP). 

Ouch - yep that screeching always makes me feel a bit peculiar. 

I think I’ll go female. 

I don't think the cats pocket the money Linda.

RSPCA, Cats Protection, both good but in my experience the former do a home visit and the latter don't. 

No I’ve tried RSPCA, cats protection and a local cattery. 

I will “vet” my chat maybe and not give high street as one of the lines of my address 

Maybe just "Courdroy Cottage, Hirsute On the Wold, Bufftyshire". 

The bigger rescues tend to be more difficult about this sort of thing but if you've tried a small one too then i don't know what to suggest. 

The cords went a while back and the hirsute I’m working on! id like a nice furry pussy though 

This is an I O Hughes shout!

It's kitten season in Bulgaria so I assure you there is no shortage and they will be house reared.

Look up Ingrid Hughes on Facebook (or I'll send Clubbers a link on FB if you are interested), the adoption fee is around £240 which pays for transport.

Obviously you can see photo's and skypes, they are NOT feral cats, tendency is either abandoned very young or the mother comes as well.  They are domesticated.



You want me to send money to I O Hughes? You must think I am simple.

Assume it comes pre stuffed with gak which will be removed prior to delivery? 

it's nothing for the cat wang... it's 240 for the transporter to bring it over.

No gak, they get scanned on borders sorry! 

I did actually send the dog treats to the Drummond and Chambers never picked them up! 

Tbf the border patrol are probably too busy scanning mangy mogs for gak to notice the secret refrigeration section in which 50,wannabe cockle pickers are slowly expiring

Do you know what happened to them?

Perhaps they gave them to their customers for bar snacks?

They get scanned by DEFRA and furrin equivalents, not border patrol or customs.  We go down a special lane at the ports and get checked for condition, compliance and... erm... gak...

if there's a specific sort of cat you want, the breed societies always ahve a few looking for a home - often ex-breeding queens or pairs of cats whose ancient owner has gone into a home. Burmese Cat Club adn abyssinian rescue are my personal favourites.

That's not bad actually... COO paid £10k to ship his two cats over from Singapore.

Thanks doggers! I’m getting deja vu with IO Hughes 

FYI cakers it's also "kitten season" in the UK so there are plenty of local mogs looking for homes without the trauma of being shipped half way across europe to get to you

It's ridiculously hard to get a rescue cat.  We were told: the Nexlette is too young, the road you live on is too busy, an indoor cat might escape (FFS), there's an R in the month...

We gave up and bought two kittens from a breeder.  They lead the most pampered of kittie lifestyles with fresh tuna, lots of toys, a choice of comfy beds to snooze on.  It just makes me sad when I think of the rescue centres we toured full of sad cats in cages that could be living this life now.

Speaking to others, this seems to be a common theme. 

Fresh tuna! Reminds me of my friends cocker spaniel - he drank Evian and ate smoked salmon in a party hat on Christmas Day! 

It is absolutely ridiculous - I would love to look after a moggy in need of a home. All these old people who have died, half must have had pets, how sad that their pets would end up caged instead of with people who would adore them! Sob! 

doggers - is there a website (might be in the market but only for a pup).  I don't do facebook (and think you need an account to view pages?)