Trump Refuses to Pay Rudi

This is an invigorating read. 

I wonder if Trump makes everyone call him Mr President?

I watched a program on him, and he made his pilot call him Mr Trump. After 15 years together. Hard to imagine. 

tbf if my lawyer mixed up the four seasons hotel with the four season yard shop I would be loathed to pay them too.

woah hang on

in this situation my sympathies are firmly going to be with the lawyer who doesn't get paid

fair remuneration for this fine jurist!

I'm sure Dmytro Firtash will settle Rudi's bills out of the goodness of his heart.

$20k a day? What's that in English, £15k? He probably has to work 15-hour days tbf so £1,000 an hour. Not outrageous.

zero sympathy

if ever there was a client who was likely not to pay his bills, it's Trump

no way I would act unless there were payments in advance and on account

What Heffa said. Rudi is a dolt. Be quite funny if he sues trump. Must be quite a list planning on it. And I doubt anyone is interested in representing the orange. 

open season!

As I understand it Trump is notorious for not paying bills and never uses his own money for anything(if he even has any). This is why I do not understand Republicans donating money so he can bring ludicrous legal challenges or plot re-election - he will not put his money where his mouth is so he uses money from suckers who will see no return.

Much as I hate to give credit to anyone, someone on the board (and I forget who) predicted before Christmas that this would happen.

My pleasure.

Maybe you can give laz a tip or two on the whole prognostication game.

a quick search reveals this:

strutter01 Dec 20 15:07

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And let's face it, Trump has a massive track record of stiffing people on sums due and inviting them to sue him for it.

Tangent Boy01 Dec 20 15:08

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One would hope that Giuliani was at least sensible enough to ask for funds on account.


I hope someone on here kept the 'accidental' 'leaked' internal emails from the white shoe firms he asked to represent him in the last impeachment. The ones I remember were along the lines of "Who wants to work for an increasingly unpopular solipsistic clown"  "The guy obviously won't take your advice and won't  pay you" and "Tell him I am washing my hair."

Yes thanks Heff. Was just about to be all outraged.

Trump not paying his bills is right from page 1 of The Trump Manual.

I was reading an article the other day that suggested what really sealed Trump's "relationship" with Deutche Bank was that Trump defaulted some years ago on a loan provided by DB for US$40 million. DB sued Trump. He counter-sued for US$1.3 billion on the grounds that DB was at fault for Trump's default (the detail of the grounds was not explained).

In response DB provided a further loan of US$40 million ( presumably on amended terms) allowing Trump to repay the immediately outstanding loan. 

The rest is history. DB are now supposed to be in the bag for something like US$400 million in outstanding loans to Trump and his businesses due for repayment within the next two years or so. 

Rudi is going to be struck off by the NY bar and then there is that business of criminal conspiracy and getting indicted for it. 

I wonder whether Trump will pay for his legal fees?