True wireless earphones

Does anyone use these - is the sound quality any good? 

Thinking of trying RHA Trueconnect or Jabra Elite 65t.   Some reviewers report the connection dropping which would obv be an issue, but I’m more concerned about the sound quality.  

Does the style with the neckband give better sound quality, and are they irritating to wear?  


I've tried various types and the only thing that's ever really worked properly and stayed in my ear are the Apple airpod thingies. Others are too bulky and fall out or lose connection. I have a cord that connects them when running.

Sound quality fine for me but I don't really listen to music that much

I have Platronic Backbeats and Jaybird run - both work v well

Yeh love my pods - great for running they stay in and my flapping arms don’t pull the wires anymore 


also good for some sly listening 

Oh is true a brand I thought you meant like truly wireless and I felt included by owning some truly wireless apple pods 

“True wireless” means no neckband or anything. You are, of course, included, miss t - glad to hear your apple buds are working well!  

Airpods are the best product I've bought in years, they're brilliant. But tbh I wouldn't recommend them to anyone that's too concerned about sound quality - they're fine, but they're still Apple earbuds. 

pancakes - agreed that airpods are probably not the product for me.  Apple earbuds hurt my ears anyway.